VGN Climate Summit

Talks, panels and a film screening highlighting the impact of livestock farming on global warming and vegan solutions to climate issues

Sessions taking place in the Auditorium (Level 3 of Olympia Central) on the Sunday only

Hosted by VGN



11:00am (BSL interpretation available)

The Earth is Burning - The Global Environmental Impact of Animal Agriculture

Dr. Tushar Mehta

We are exposed to increasing information about the environmental benefits of plant based foods, as well as contradictory messages. In[…]

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Dr. Tushar Mehta


Your Food, Your Clothes, Your Future

Joshua Katcher, Joseph Poore, Dr Bronner's

The IPCC report that was leaked in August indicates that transitioning to a plant based diet is integral to saving[…]

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Joshua Katcher

Joseph Poore

Dr Bronner's


Climate Anxiety and Climate Despair

Polly Teale, Emma Lawrence, Robert Tollemache

Climate anxiety is spreading and beginning to permeate therapists’ consulting rooms. Many of climate change’s earliest alarm-ringers, those such as[…]

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Polly Teale

Emma Lawrence

Robert Tollemache


Moving to a plant-based food system: What do the experts say?

Dr Helen Harwatt, Joseph Poore

A number of influential studies suggest we need to move to a plant-based food system to tackle climate change. We[…]

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Dr Helen Harwatt

Joseph Poore


Animal Rebellion

Daniel Kidby, Mark Westcombe, Esther Solomon

Can Animal Rebellion be the link that bridges the gap between the animal rights movement and the movement for climate[…]

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Daniel Kidby

Mark Westcombe

Esther Solomon


Planet Vegan

Planet Vegan is a 5-part documentary series taking a deep dive into the fastest growing social justice movement of the[…]

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