Stall Prices

Please read the info below for information on exhibiting at the event. For any further queries on exhibiting, please email [email protected] or call 0117 9071881.

Exhibition halls

There are up to 370 stalls available across 4 exhibition halls:

  • Olympia West Level 1
  • Olympia Central Level 1
  • Olympia Central Level 2
  • Olympia Central Level 3 (Conference Centre)

Olympia Central Level 2 and Olympia Conference Centre are carpeted, whilst the other halls above are not carpeted.

Expected footfall

The 2018 event attracted around 14,500 attendees over 2 days.

Shell Schemes / Space-only Stalls

There are both shell schemes and space-only stalls available for Levels 1 & 2, whilst Level 3 consists of space-only stalls only.

Please note: Power can only be booked at stalls coloured in yellow on our floor plan. Should you require power at your stall, please make sure to choose a stall coloured in yellow.

Stall sizes

Options for stall sizes include:

  • 2m frontage x 2m depth – either open 1 side or corner*
  • 3m frontage x 2m depth – either open 1 side or corner*
  • 3m frontage x 3m depth – either open 1 side or corner*
  • 4m frontage x 4m depth (catering stalls in Olympia West Level 1 only)

* These stands can also be customised to include 4m x 2m, 4m x 3m, 6m x 2m or 6m x 3m if required.

Pictures of various stall types

Stall TypePicture
Space only on Level 3
Shell Scheme Open 1 side
Shell Scheme Corner
Catering Stall 

1-day stalls

1-day rates are available for charities / traders looking to exhibit for one day only. 

As a guide to prices for 1-day stalls, they are half the 2-day rates plus an extra £25 + vat admin fee.

1-day options are not available on Level 1.

Please contact the office at [email protected] or on 01179071881 for availability first if you wish to apply for a 1-day stall.

Stall prices

We have different sets of rates available for both charities and traders, depending on stall position, based on the expected difference in footfall between different areas.

All prices subject to 20% VAT (including charity rates)

Olympia Central Level 3 (Conference Centre)

Space-only stalls

Stall OptionDays


2m x 2m1 day£87.50£150.00
2m x 2m2 days£125.00£250.00

Olympia Central Level 2

Space-only stalls

Stall OptionDays


2m x 2m open 1 side1 day£125.00£225.00
2m x 2m open 1 side2 days£200.00£400.00
2m x 2m corner1 day£150.00£275.00 
2m x 2m corner2 days£250.00£500.00

Shell schemes

Stall Option



(2 days)
2m x 2m open 1 side1 day£162.50£300.00
2m x 2m open 1 side2 days£275.00£550.00 
2m x 2m corner1 day£200.00£375.00
2m x 2m corner2 days£350.00£700.00
3m x 2m open 1 side1 day£225.00£425.00
3m x 2m open 1 side2 days£400.00£800.00
3m x 2m corner1 day£250.00£475.00
3m x 2m corner2 days£450.00£900.00
3m x 3m corner2 days£600.00£1,200.00

Olympia West / Central Level 1

Space-only stalls

Stall Option



(2 days)
2m x 2m open 1 side2 days£250.00£500.00
2m x 2m corner2 days£300.00£600.00

Shell Schemes

Stall Option



2m x 2m open 1 side2 days£325.00£650.00
2m x 2m corner2 days£400.00£800.00
3m x 2m open 1 side2 days£450.00£900.00
3m x 2m corner2 days£525.00£1,050.00
3m x 3m open 1 side2 days£575.00 £1,150.00
3m x 3m corner2 days£700.00£1,400.00
*4m x 4m catering pitch – open 1 side2 daysN/A£650.00
*4m x 4m catering pitch – corner2 daysN/A £850.00

* Catering pitches available in Olympia West Level 1 only


Tables, chairs and tablecloths must be booked using our stall booking form if required – prices below:

ItemUnit Price
Table – 6′ trestle£20.00
Table – 4′ trestle£15.00
Table – 2’6″ trestle£10.00
Chair (folding)£10.00

Any furniture ordered with the organisers will be laid out at your stall before your arrival on Friday setup day.

Please note:

  1. Only 6′ trestle tables are available for stalls located on Level 3
  2. The deadline for ordering furniture is Thursday September 21st 2019.


Storage space for pallets or shelf space can be booked via our stall booking form – prices below:

ItemUnit Price
Standard (non-chilled) Storage£100.00
Cold Storage – shelf space£200.00
Cold Storage – pallet£400.00

If you are planning to have delivered to the venue, items that require cold storage before your arrival, please be aware that power will be live at the venue over the course of the afternoon on Friday setup day, and the event’s cold storage unit will not be operational until power is live.


Please refer to our Resources page for full information on the following, which can be booked via our selected contractors / suppliers at extra charges:

  • Power / Lighting
  • Shell Scheme Fittings
  • Internet (secure connection)
  • Refrigeration
  • Hotel
  • Unloading and loading
  • Parking

Other relevant information


Traders who wish to sell alcohol or do alcohol sampling at the event must get in touch with the organisers first before submitting their booking - contact [email protected] / 01179071881.

Unless agreed in advance with the organisers, no exhibitors are allowed to serve alcohol or samples of alcohol to the public at the event.

Cooking (for food traders)

Any stallholder who wishes to do any form of cooking must be located at the yellow stalls on the Olympia West Level 1 floor plan.

Gas and naked flames are NOT allowed in any area of the venue.

Electricity is NOT included in the pitch fee - this must be booked with our electrical contractor Moyne, see Resources page here for details.

Massage / Special Treatments

If you are planning to have any special treatments carried out on your stand, you must inform the organiser beforehand at [email protected], as many of these activities must be licensed by the local authority. Full documentation must be submitted, including

  • details of therapists’ public liability insurance cover,
  • qualifications, and
  • a risk assessment.  

Licence application (if needed) must be with the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham no later than 28 days before the event.

Special treatments include:

  1. non-invasive hands-on treatments, such as massage, reflexology, manicures and pedicures.
  2. invasive treatments such as skin piercing, acupuncture, tattooing, electrolysis, cosmetic piercing, micro-pigmentation and botox.

All treatments must be carried out in a safe and hygienic manner and in accordance with the


All exhibitors must complete and return all necessary paperwork by return on booking their stalls, using the form at the link here.

Vegan Policy for stallholders

VegfestUK is a 100% vegan event and we ask all exhibitors to adhere to the following:

  • All products displayed at every stall must be 100% vegan.
  • No promotional materials which promote the use of animal products are allowed.
  • Please do not wear any non-vegan apparels at the event.
  • The organisers reserve the rights to ask exhibitors to remove from their stall or their staff, products which contain non-vegan ingredients such as meat, dairy, fish, eggs, honey, beeswax, wool, silk, fur, leather, etc.
  • Please note that bee pollen is not considered a vegan product and therefore not suitable for VegfestUK events.

If you are not 100% sure which products are qualified vegan, please contact the office beforehand.

All campaign groups that exhibit at VegfestUK must include vegan education as part of their outreach work. Please note that we cannot accept bookings from campaign groups with campaigns that may fuel xenophobia.

We do not ask that all our stallholders (as individuals) or workers are vegan, only that they are vegan-friendly, respectful to vegans and that they are vegan on the days of the show.

We are only accepting sponsorship for 100% vegan products. By ‘100%’ we mean in terms of products and marketing for the brand, not the individuals who own or work within the business. We give our sponsors extensive marketing and only wish to promote vegan options rather than anything less.


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