Floor Plan

Please click on the hyperlinks below for the maps for 2019:

Olympia Central Level 3
Olympia Central Level 2
Olympia West & Central Level 1 adjoined

Virtual tours of the venue

Olympia West
Olympia Central (Levels 0, 1 and 2)
Olympia Conference Centre (Central Level 3)

For stallholders doing cooking

Please select a stall highlighted in yellow in Olympia West Level 1 – no cooking is allowed in other areas of the event.

For stallholders doing catering

Please select one of the stalls starting with CAT in the Vegan Food Village in Olympia West Level 1.

Stalls availability

Please refer to the listing below for which stalls have been booked and which stalls are still available.

Olympia West Level 1

Stall Number Saturday Sunday
CAT0 Ms. Cupcake Ms. Cupcake
CAT2 Vegan Sweet Tooth London Vegan Sweet Tooth London
CAT3 Dominion Brewery The Happy sturgeon Bar Dominion Brewery The Happy sturgeon Bar
CAT4 One Planet Pizza One Planet Pizza
CAT5 Booja-Booja Events Booja-Booja Events
CAT6 The Green Grill The Green Grill
CAT7 Wabi Sabi Garden  Wabi Sabi Garden 
CAT8 En Root En Root
CAT9 St Best St Best
CAT10 PH (Power of Health) PH (Power of Health)
CAT11 Rubys of London Rubys of London
CAT12 Pig Out Pig Out
CAT13 Dr Cheem’s Superfood Odyssey Dr Cheem’s Superfood Odyssey
CAT14 Mally’s Gin Bar Mally’s Gin Bar
CAT15 Greek Vegan Deli Greek Vegan Deli
CAT16 Arancini Brothers Arancini Brothers
CAT17 Norty Norty
CAT18 North Meets East North Meets East
CAT19 Simply Vegan Simply Vegan
CAT20 Chaatit Chaatit
CAT21 Brownins Brownins
CAT22 Shelley’s Vegan Seafood Shelley’s Vegan Seafood
CAT23 Juice Junkiez Juice Junkiez
CAT24 Bad Ass Cakes Bad Ass Cakes
CAT25 Deep Fried Cookie Dough Deep Fried Cookie Dough
CAT26 Southern Fried Seitan Southern Fried Seitan
WA1 New Ascent Corporation Limited New Ascent Corporation Limited
WB4 Eh-Co: Etinde House Chilli Oil  
WB5 Vegan Sadhu Vegan Sadhu
WB6 nüber food nüber food
WB7 Scoffingtons Scoffingtons
WB8 Happy Happy Soy Boy Happy Happy Soy Boy
WC1 Hunt Investigation Team Hunt Investigation Team
WC2 Upton’s Naturals Upton’s Naturals
WC3 Mr Nice Pie Mr Nice Pie
WC4 Dark Matters Dark Matters
WC5 Dandies Marshmallows Dandies Marshmallows
WC6 Befries Befries
WC7 Plant Faced Clothing Plant Faced Clothing
WC8 Plant Faced Clothing Plant Faced Clothing
WC9 The Electric Lemon The Electric Lemon
WC10 Aquapax Aquapax
WC11 Vegans Against World Hunger Vegans Against World Hunger
WC12 Ringana Ringana
WD1 Green Butchers Green Butchers
WD2 Vegums Vegums
WD3 Dippy’s Dippy’s
WD4 Encona Sauces Encona Sauces
WD5 Real Olive Co Real Olive Co
WD6 Raw & Wild Raw & Wild
WD7 Population Matters Population Matters
WD8 New Internationalist New Internationalist
WE1 Vega Vega
WE2 Sesame Kingdom Sesame Kingdom 
WE3 Leelee’s Leelee’s
WE4 Optibac Probiotics Optibac Probiotics
WF1 Cocolico Pâtisserie Cocolico Pâtisserie
WF2 Mummy Meagz Mummy Meagz
WF3 I Am Nut OK I Am Nut OK
WF4 The Raw Chocolate Company The Raw Chocolate Company
WG1 Truviv Truviv
WG2 Sam’s Body Boutique Sam’s Body Boutique
WG3 Mayhew Mayhew
WG4 Sweet Revolution Sweet Revolution
WG5 The Vegan Society The Vegan Society
WH1 Sea Shepherd UK Sea Shepherd UK
WH2 Flint and Flame Flint and Flame
WH3 Soulful Food Soulful Food
WH4 Happy Cheeze Happy Cheeze
WH5 Soulful Food Soulful Food
WH6 Soulful Food Soulful Food
WI1 Coconut Merchant Coconut Merchant
WI2 Coconut Merchant Coconut Merchant
WI3 Lazy Vegan Lazy Vegan
WI4 Vice & Virtue Vice & Virtue
WK1 Cofresh Cofresh
WK2 Better Nature Better Nature
WK3 Cofresh Cofresh
WK4 Cats Protection Cats Protection
WN1 Benevo Vegan Pet Foods Benevo Vegan Pet Foods
WN2 Daiya Foods Daiya Foods
WN3 Nourished Nourished
WN4 Organic Land Company Organic Land Company
WL1 Pulsin Pulsin
WL2 Nature’s Charm Nature’s Charm
WL3 Mouse’s Favourite Mouse’s Favourite
WL4 Vego Good Food GmbH  Vego Good Food GmbH
WL5 Heartcure Clothing Heartcure Clothing
WL6 Greener Beauty Greener Beauty
WM1 Aluna Coconut Aluna Coconut
WM2 Veganuary Veganuary
WM3 Dean Farm Trust Dean Farm Trust
WM4 Stretchy Lids Stretchy Lids
WM5 Wear Your Voice Wear Your Voice
WM6 Wear Your Voice Wear Your Voice
WM7 Fire and Ice Bottles Fire and Ice Bottles
WM8 Ohros Ohros
WM9 Ananda’s Marshmallows Ananda’s Marshmallows
WM10 Vivi the Supervegan Vivi the Supervegan
WM11 Anonymous for the Voiceless Anonymous for the Voiceless
WM12 Go Kombucha Go Kombucha
WM13 AlternativeStores.com AlternativeStores.com
WM14 AlternativeStores.com AlternativeStores.com
WM15 Anticarnist Anticarnist
WM16 Greek Animal Rescue  Greek Animal Rescue 

Olympia Central Level 1

Stall Number Saturday Sunday
CA1 College of Living Nutrition College of Living Nutrition
CA2 Equinox Gifted Thoughts Equinox Gifted Thoughts
CA3 Equinox Gifted Thoughts Equinox Gifted Thoughts
CA4 Forage & Find Forage & Find
CA5 Kindred Traveller Kindred Traveller
CA6 The Healing Pear The Healing Pear
CA7 Tesfa Retail  Tesfa Retail
CA8 XECO Clothing XECO Clothing
CA9 Celtic Wind Crops  Celtic Wind Crops
CB1 NutraMilk NutraMilk
CB2 Watson & Wolfe Watson & Wolfe 
CB3 Tofuture Tofuture
CB4 Follow Your Heart Follow Your Heart 
CB5 Hempen Hempen
CB6 Viva! Viva!
CB7 Vegan Food & Living and Simply Vegan magazine Vegan Food & Living and Simply Vegan magazine
CB8 Paguro Upcycle Paguro Upcycle
CB10 THTC Clothing THTC Clothing
CC1 Emani Vegan Cosmetics and Crazy Rumors Lip Balms Emani Vegan Cosmetics and Crazy Rumors Lip Balms
CC2 Nuflo Nuflo
CC3 Alara Wholefoods Alara Wholefoods
CC3A Hey Gorgeous Hey Gorgeous
CC4 Pastinos Pastinos
CC5 All Natural Me All Natural Me
CC6 LoveRaw LoveRaw
CC6A Hungry Soul Hungry Soul
CC7 Free From Italy Free From Italy
CD1 Acumag Acumag
CD2 Supertreats Supertreats
CD4 Raw Gorilla Raw Gorilla
CD3 The Green Woman The Green Woman
CD5 Acumag Acumag
CD6 Koi Footwear Koi Footwear
CD8 Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
CD7 Avanti Candles Avanti Candles
CE1 IUVO Skincare IUVO Skincare
CE2 Northern Bloc Ice Cream Northern Bloc Ice Cream
CE3 Rhythm108 Rhythm108
CE4 Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary
CE6 Mooncup Mooncup
CE7 Prodigy Snacks Prodigy Snacks
CE8 Dearest Fannie Dearest Fannie
CE9 Perk!er Foods Perk!er Foods
CF1 Plamil Foods Plamil Foods
CF2 FLUX Undies FLUX Undies
CF4 5th Season Fruit 5th Season Fruit
CF3 Fruu Cosmetics Fruu Cosmetics
CF5 Quest Vitamins Quest Vitamins
CF6 Animal Aid Education Stand Animal Aid Education Stand
CF7 Terra Organica Terra Organica
CG1 Fleecehaven Fleecehaven
CG2 The Cheeky Panda The Cheeky Panda
CG3 Creative Nature Creative Nature
CG4 Yaoh Yaoh
CG5 Biospira Biospira
CG6 Ankh Rah Ankh Rah
CG7 Greenscents Greenscents
CH1 Green People Green People
CH2 Kijani Living Kijani Living 
CH3 Animal Aid Animal Aid
CH5 Freely Handustry Freely Handustry 
CH6 Boxxfresh Boxxfresh
CI1 Raw Sport Raw Sport
CI1A Vive Vive
CI2A Third Wave Nutrition Third Wave Nutrition
CI4 Lifestyle International Lifestyle International 
CK1 Hunt Saboteurs Association Hunt Saboteurs Association
CK2 New Roots Cheese New Roots Cheese
CK3 NEEK Skin Organics Australia  NEEK Skin Organics Australia
CK4 Moo Free Chocolates Moo Free Chocolates
CL2 Viva La Vegan Viva La Vegan 
CL3 Natures Plus Natures Plus
CL4 Yogi Tea Yogi Tea
CM1 Grass & Co. Grass & Co.
CM2 Floral Street Floral Street
CM3 Eden Perfumes Eden Perfumes
CM4 Terranova / Bionature Terranova / Bionature
CN1 Koko Dairy Free Koko Dairy Free
CN2 Vegbred Vegbred
CN3 Vivo Life Vivo Life
CO1 Green Wallet Green Wallet
CO2 VeganFitnessMeals VeganFitnessMeals
CO3 Mr Organic Mr Organic
CO4 VeganFitnessMeals VeganFitnessMeals
CP1 Dr Bronner’s Dr Bronner’s
CP2 Three Spirit Three Spirit
CP3 Nakd Wholefoods Nakd Wholefoods
CP4 Vegan Travel – All-vegan Cruises & Tours Vegan Travel – All-vegan Cruises & Tours
CQ1 Allplants Allplants
CQ3 The Really Healthy Co The Really Healthy Co
CQ4 Georganics Georganics
CQ6 Grapefruit Grapefruit
CR1 The Save Movement The Save Movement
CR2 NOW the movement NOW the movement
CR4 Lunette Menstrual Cup Lunette Menstrual Cup
CR5 Exhopro Exhopro
CR6 Turmerix Turmerix
CS1 Veganicity Veganicity
CS4 Vegan Bodybuilding Vegan Bodybuilding
CS5 The Hectic Vegan The Hectic Vegan
CT1 Animal Equality Animal Equality
CT3 EuroCompany EuroCompany
CT4 iZYCARE Company iZYCARE Company
CU1A Chewsy Gum Chewsy Gum
CU3 SW3 Chelsea SW3 Chelsea
CV1 Vegan Runners Vegan Runners

Olympia Central Level 2

Stall Number Saturday Sunday
TP0 Book Signings Book Signings
TP1 Vegan Organic Network Vegan Organic Network
TP5 Vegepod Vegepod
TP6 BioCanna BioCanna
TP7 BioCanna BioCanna
TP8 Reserved Reserved
MA1 Supreme Master Television Supreme Master Television
MA2 Plant-based health professionals UK Plant-based health professionals UK
MA4 Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society
MA5 Tastopia Tastopia
MA6 Princess Prosecco Princess Prosecco
MA8 Challenge 22 Challenge 22
MC1 Ceramica Ceramica
MC3 Pandit (UK) Pandit (UK)
MC4 Lush London City Lush London City
MC5 Le Baroque of Morocco Le Baroque of Morocco
MC7 The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen  
MC8 Juliette’s Kitchen  
ME1 Made in Hackney Made in Hackney
ME3 The Electric Lemon The Electric Lemon
ME4 Dipalicious Dipalicious
ME5 Styngvi Designs Styngvi Designs
ME7 Nuper’s Naturals Nuper’s Naturals
ME8 Wuka Dominee’s Doughnuts
MF1 Alba Paris Alba Paris
MF2 Young Indian Vegetarians Young Indian Vegetarians
MF4 Washala Ape Store
MF5 Leo’s Box  
MF6 Natural Origin UK  
MF8 Greens for Animal Protection Greens for Animal Protection
QA1 Clochee Clochee
QA3 Ksoni Ksoni
QA5 Vegan Culinary Cruises Vegan Culinary Cruises
QA6 Acumag Acumag
QA8 Heart to Heart Heart to Heart
QA10 Elixinol Elixinol
QB1 Cloud Massage Cloud Massage
QC1 Independent Ambassadors with TROPIC SKINCARE Independent Ambassadors with TROPIC SKINCARE
QC2 Jecca Blac Jecca Blac
QC4 Freya + Bailey Natural Skincare Freya + Bailey Natural Skincare
QC5 Henna Inks Henna Inks
QD1 Dolma Vegan Fragrances Dolma Vegan Fragrances
QD3 BonneBombe BonneBombe
QD4 Funky Skincare Funky Skincare
QD6 Bird & Blend Tea Co. Bird & Blend Tea Co.
QE1 Turmeric Blend Turmeric Blend
QE3 My Copper Cup My Copper Cup
QE4 Yaoh Yaoh
QE6 Tesfa Retail Tesfa Retail
QF1 Kings Kings
QF2 Poapoa Poapoa
QF4 Orethic  Orethic 
QG2 Yovedic Retreats Yovedic Retreats
QG3 College of Naturopathic Medicine College of Naturopathic Medicine
QG6 Divine Gaia Divine Gaia
QH2 Bwazi Clothing Bwazi Clothing
QH3 Mad Promotions Mad Promotions
QH4 Book Signings  Book Signings
QI1 doTerra Essential Oils doTerra Essential Oils
QI2 Truviv Truviv
QI3 Green Stem Green Stem
QI4 Truviv Truviv
QJ1 LovEvE LovEvE
QJ2 The Pure Planet Company  
QJ4 Master Sha Tao Centre Master Sha Tao Centre
QJ5 Arbonne International Arbonne International

Olympia Conference Centre (Level 3)

Stall Number Saturday Sunday
U1 Luna Tree Jewellery Luna Tree Jewellery
U2 Vegan Publishers Vegan Publishers
U3 Norwex Norwex 
U4 The Electric Lemon The Electric Lemon
U5 LioBites fruit crisps LioBites fruit crisps
U6 Palestinian Animal League Palestinian Animal League
U7 Generation-V Generation-V
U8 Generation-V Generation-V
U10 Urban Squirrels Urban Squirrels
U11 Sakahari  
U12 Vegan My Style TheyMatter
U14 The Lost Tea Company The Lost Tea Company
U15 Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary
U16 Workers Playtime Workers Playtime
U17 Animals Asia Foundation Animals Asia Foundation
U18 Shea-Me Shea-Me
U19 Free the Taste Rosina makes
U20 Glory Skin Glory Skin
U21 Hemp By Nature Hemp By Nature
U22 Conscious Future Limited Conscious Future Limited
U23 Happy Carrot Skincare Happy Carrot Skincare
U24 KT London KT London
U25 Vervet Monkey Foundation Vervet Monkey Foundation 
U26 Animal Welfare Party Animal Welfare Party
U27 Animal Rebellion Animal Rebellion
U28 Slaughterhouse Prayer / John King Slaughterhouse Prayer / John King
U29   SW15 Hedgehogs
U30 Silver Bamboo Silver Bamboo