Caterers Guide

As organisers of a food event, we take food hygiene very seriously. We have compiled a guide to help caterers prepare thoroughly in all aspects for this event. Guide includes items such as having suitable handwash facilities, sneeze guards, electrical safety and more.

Health and Safety / Food Hygiene

Below are some rules and regulations that our on-site Health & Safety advisor will be monitoring. Please take a moment to familiarize yourselves with this list, and print a copy for your stall if necessary.

  1. You must be registered with your local council, and ensure you have your documented food safety system, insurance (with PLI covering up to £5M) and all training records for staff with you and available for inspection. Staff working at catering stands must submit their food safety training records at least 2 months before the date of the event.
  2. All staff catering at VegfestUK events must use sneeze screens or plastic guards to prevent any food or heating equipment from being open to the public.
  3. All deep-frying equipment must be placed at the back, rather than the front, of catering stands. Any other cooking (eg griddles) must be done at least 1 metre away from the public or behind suitable safety guards (consider child and adult safety heights).
  4. Any chopping activity (like chopping up coconuts) must take place to the rear of your stall, not to the front / aisle.
  5. Every caterer must have a handwashing machine with running water at their stands. That includes liquid soap and disposable towels. Please note: boilers and bowls of water are not sufficient . Running (and draining) water of suitable temperature must be available in your handwash facility.
  6. Every caterer that is cooking must have a working, in-date and appropriate fire extinguisher to hand.
  7. All staff at catering stands must wear separate gloves to handle food and money.
  8. Gas or naked flames, or chaffing fuel are strictly prohibited.
  9. Caterers must ensure their staff are aware of and trained in allergen requirements and appropriate signage is displayed on your stand for the public. All food samples must have the 14 major allergens clearly displayed, including the ones listed below. Failure to comply could result in any catering operations involved being shut down on the day. 
    • celery
    • gluten
    • lupin
    • mustard
    • nuts
    • peanuts
    • sesame seeds
    • soya
    • sulphites
  10. We have a number of requests each event for gluten-free food, please advertise your gluten-free food clearly on your stall if you have gluten-free options.
  11. Please bring rubbish sacks, hand wash, gloves, washing up liquid, etc.
  12. Please make sure NOT to block the sinks at the Water Point of the venue with any food waste – food waste must be cleared from the venue separately yourself.
  13. Please make sure to have suitable facilities for temperature control for your food.
  14. Staff eating on your stand is not permitted.
  15. Off-duty staff should not be eating at their food stands.
  16. Food should not be stored on or near the exhibition floor.
  17. Caterers are advised to have less food on display and more food covered to avoid food attracting dust during the show.
  18. Hot drinks must be served in sturdy containers fitted with lids to avoid risk of spillage.
  19. Catering stall featuring barbeque grills must isolate grills from public access and specifically risk assess and have methods of extinguishing the BBQ.
  20. Staff working at catering stands must have their hair tied back to avoid cross contamination.
  21. All caterers must keep their work surfaces clean and tidy throughout the event opening hours.
  22. All caterers must keep their items (including pop-up banners) within the footprint of their stands.
  23. All caterers should bring steps with them if they want to fix items over head-height and should not stand on tables, chairs etc.
  24. All caterers must restrain from storing items behind their stands or in unused spaces.
  25. Ladders must not be used during show opening hours when members of the public are in the exhibition halls.
  26. There are no facilities for cooking oil disposal on site, so please make sure to take away any leftover cooking oils from the venue after the event. No cooking oils should be poured into the sinks in the kitchen.

Power/Electricity: In preparation for opening to the public

Below is a list of measures that are required to ensure that we limit the number of instances of lost power, as this will have an impact on your sales as well as other exhibitors in the immediate vicinity. In the case where a caterer has not booked sufficient power and has not used the statements below as a checklist before the event, it can be very difficult to ascertain which stall in a group is the origin of the problem, the solution to which is time consuming and will likely impact on those that have followed the policies and procedures correctly.

  • All caterers must check the start up and cruising wattage of their electrical appliances. For example an appliance could have a cruising wattage of 2.8kW, which is suitable for a 3kW (3000 watts) power socket, but the appliance may require a 3.8kW start up power supply. If a 3kW socket has been ordered the power is insufficient to start up the appliance and the power supply will be cut off at the RCD box located on the stand. Multiple appliances starting up with insufficient power will terminate power to the venue mains supply and all stands served by that supply.
  • Under no circumstances are exhibitors permitted to interfere with the power supply. This includes the RCD box installed by our electrical contractors Moyne to each stand and the venue mains supply box. Power and sockets will be removed to any stand that is found to have done this. Power failure must be reported to the Information Desk during open hours. The standby electrician will then attend.
  • To ensure that sufficient power is ordered exhibitors must either refer to the manufacturers handbook / contact the manufacturer direct. In the case of hired equipment, ensure the hirer provides all relevant power supply information. The electrical contractors, Moyne, can provide advice, however they are not responsible for or liable for guaranteeing the power supplies of exhibitor’s appliances.
  • Caterers who have not ordered sufficient power for their appliance(s) will be required to:
    • Uprate their power supply at the site order surcharge rate of 20%. This can be done at the Moyne service desk during the build period or via contacting the Moyne office on 0208 997 8596 during the open period. In both instances full payment must be made via card payment prior to the power being uprated
    • OR hand over appliances that exceed the power supply ordered. The Organisers reserve the right to confiscate equipment until the end of the show should exhibitors persist in plugging in condemned appliances.
  • Each caterer must submit a picture of the layout of all their equipment before the event.
  • Each caterer must submit proof that all their electrical equipment has been PAT tested within 12 months of the show. Please note: this is a legal requirement and this will be strictly enforced before trading commences.
  • All catering appliances must arrive on Friday (setup) to allow time for inspection of electrical equipment and power usage. This is to avoid caterers arriving just before show opening powering up simultaneously and a series of electrical mains supply failures occurring during prime sales time.
  • All electrical equipment must also be inspected during setup on Saturday between 8am – 9am, with electrical equipment switched on by 9am Saturday, and all catering staff must be present during this time slot to ensure swift inspections before the show opens. Staff must be present whilst equipment is checked.
  • All caterers must avoid the use of over-length leads or trailing electrical cables. Electric cables should not be “daisy–chained” (multiple extension leads connected to each other).
  • Extension lead cables must not exceed 2 metres with a maximum of 4 sockets. Coiled / drum extension leads are NOT permitted.
  • All caterers should have a contingency plan to be able to continue serving to the public in case of any power cuts.

Environmental Policy

Caterers should aim to separate and dispose of rubbish and recycling properly before, during and after the show. We would suggest separating your rubbish, food waste, cardboard and plastics at your stall to make disposing of these materials in the right place easier.

Caterers should aim to remove the use of plastic wherever possible, and utilise biodegradable options – below are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Green Man Packaging – All of their products are certified 100% compostable and are made from plants NOT plastic. They offer exclusive discounts to food traders on their packaging, as well as free delivery, manufacturers guarantees on all products and full support from their friendly and knowledgeable team. 020 7183 8962,
  2. Cornware is a company that manufactures biodegradable ‘throw away’ cutlery and boxes for serving food in, which we would encourage any caterers or food-sellers who are not already investing in something similar to consider doing so. We at VegfestUK are keen to limit our carbon footprint as much as possible, and advocating the use of biodegradable materials (especially those of which are discarded of in abundance at events such as ours) is just another way in which we can help to limit any negative environmental impact that our shows might be having. Visit Cornware’s website for full information.

We are also encouraging visitors to bring their own utensils to use, to reduce waste, and request that caterers cooperate where possible with any requests from public to use their own utensils

Logistics/Equipment: Important Information

Bring your own trolleys/pallet trucks

to ensure swift movement of stock and stand equipment during setup and breakdown. Please ensure that no pallet trucks/trolleys of any kind are used during public opening hours.


Make sure you bring enough change for sales at the event


The venue has a generic Wifi but this is for casual browsing only and not set up for high volumes of data usage involved in taking payments etc)

Should you require internet for sales at the event, please make sure to book this through the venue – the form for booking internet can be found here.

Fire extinguishers

If you’re cooking at your stall, please ensure to bring a fire extinguisher to the event and have the fire extinguisher at your stall at all times during the event.

Please make sure to bring your own tablecloths to cover the tables provided

No tablecloths are provided for the tables.

Please bring your own chairs if you need them

chairs are not provided at any stall at this event

Pop-up banners are recommended for display as they’re visible and above head height

But please make sure that any pop-up banners are safely and securely erected.

No gas / naked flames are permitted at this venue

Water points locations

Be sure to check the floor plan of the event to identify the whereabouts of Water Points in relation to your stall.

Have you booked your hotel yet for this event?

There are a number of options for hotels near the venue. You can find more information on this in the ‘Exhibitors Manual’ on the event website of the event in question.


Please note that we can take deliveries, but ultimately all items delivered to us before your arrival come at your own risk – we’re not responsible for them in case of any loss, damage or theft – so please bear this in mind. P

Delivery address:

<Stall Number> <Stall Name>
VegfestUK London
Olympia London
Blythe Road
W14 8UX

Any deliveries sent to the venue without stall number or stall name will be discarded.

Have you made arrangements for parking already?

Please check the website of the event you’re exhibiting at for more details regarding parking, either at or near by the venue.

Standard storage is available but limited

Please contact the office on 0117 9071881 or at [email protected] for more information.

Waste disposal

Please use the bins for both recyclable and non-recyclable waste provided by the venue for disposal of solid waste.

Food collection at the end (applicable for food traders only)

Please check with the VegfestUK staff in advance of closing on Saturday and Sunday regarding any food that will be going to waste overnight, as we almost always make some arrangements for local community based organisations to collect anything left over each night for the homeless.

Clearout of venue

Please make sure that everything is cleared from the venue by the times given on the event’s website; no item can be left within the venue’s premises beyond this point.

A number of people on our team available to help

We have an Information Desk at every event, the exact location of which can vary. Please consult the floor plan of the event in particular you are exhibiting at for its exact whereabouts.

Further logistical info

Can be found in our exhibitors manual on the event website in question.


It is of real importance that all our caterers at our events adhere to the same guidelines, policies and procedures to avoid any confusion, which in the worst-case scenario can lead to circumstances that endanger both staff and customer safety, or a loss of earnings due to issues with ordering the wrong amount of electricity for your stand. This document is here to help you ensure that you follow all the guidelines and have all the correct paperwork going in to this event. The VegfestUK staff are also available to help, should you have any questions relating to anything not covered in this document.


Here is a checklist for you to use, to be sure that you’ve covered all bases regarding paperwork submission, health and safety, power/electricity booking and everything in between:

☐ I am registered with my local council.

☐ I have applied for my stall by completing the booking form on our website, and have received confirmation of this.

☐ I understand that any food I will be making, preparing and selling at any VegfestUK event must be 100% vegan.

☐ I understand that with any food I serve (even samples) must be an accompanying allergy list visible to all visitors.

☐ My application for a stall at this VegfestUK event has been accepted, following me sending over a menu of the foods that I intend to serve on the day.

☐ I have booked the correct amount of power, taking into account all equipment and every electrical appliance that I will have with me at the event, however small.

☐ I have booked any furniture I require from VegfestUK using the stall booking form.

☐ I have booked any rental equipment that I require, such as a display fridge and/or freezer for our stall (e.g I have taken into account the electricity requirements of these rented items in my power booking.

 I have visited and understand the types of certificates/forms I/my staff am/are required to complete and submit to VegfestUK before the deadline.

☐ I understand that I am required to arrive on the Friday for set up – the night before the event opens to the public – as this is the time when all our equipment will be inspected by an electrician on site.

☐ I have read and understood the “Power/Electricity: In preparation for opening to the public” section of this document.

☐ I have read and understood the “Health & Safety / Food Hygiene” section of this document.

☐ I have read and understood the Exhibitors Manual on the VegfestUK event website.