Get immediate access to the activities and events the city has to offer. Share your skills and start earning through the PVLSE app.

PVLSE is a mobile platform that connects like-minded people through exciting activities. Focused on food, sport and wellbeing, it enables you to find and create events and activities in your area that are tailored to your personal interests.

With just a few clicks you can locate food markets, pop-up stalls, restaurants, yoga classes, training sessions, and so much more.

PVLSE also provides a launchpad for businesses to reach new customers more easily, meaning less resources are spent on marketing and more can be spent on product and service delivery. Furthermore, PVLSE helps businesses build a community around their brand and retain their customers by understanding them better.

Visit the PVLSE website thepvlse.com for more info, and follow PVLSE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.