V. Dorset

V. Dorset

Kentucky Fried Seitan & Deep Fried Cookie Dough!

Kentucky Fried Seitan – 2 piece meal with shoestring fries and house salad.

Choice of 3 extra sides including gravy, beans and coleslaw.

Also serving:

Deep fried cookie dough!

Choice of four different dishes:

Oreo – Oreo cookie dough with strawberry crunch and vanilla ice cream

Unicorn – Raspberry cookie dough with bubblegum, marshmallows and a wafer horn

Matcha – Matcha green tea cookie dough with white chocolate and pistachio

Salted caramel – Choc chip cookie dough with salted caramel pieces, shortbread and dark chocolate

Cold drinks also available.

Please note dishes may be subject to change