Tree Kelly

Tree Kelly

Anthropologist at the University of Manchester

Tree is an anthropologist at the University of Manchester. She is currently doing a PhD studying the animal rights movement. She undertook fieldwork in Bristol with vegan activists, mostly from the Save Movement. Her work looks at the different positions within the movement: the different philosophies, tactics and opinions. She is interested in how radical positions can be reconciled with more mainstream advocacy, particularly how they can come together within a mass movement for the animals.

4:00 - 5:30

Why The Infighting

Why are we fighting each other? We all want Animal Justice, so why aren’t we united? We will look at some potential root causes to the disagreements which once understood can help us understand one another, become allies, and build a more powerful movement. Some of these issues are unique to the Animal Justice movement, while some have been experienced by other movements of the past from which we can learn. Understanding the ‘Ecology of Social Movements’, and our role in them, can help us build a more powerful movement together. This session will include an extended Q&A on the topic of infighting.

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2:00 - 2:45

Animals, Christianity and Compassion

Is veganism compatible with Christianity? As veganism rises amongst a secular public, Christians who have also turned to veganism, amongst other religious believers, have been re-evaluating their faith in light of this awakening compassion to non-human animals. In this talk I will look at the Christian vegan movement to show how a renewed exploration of Christian biblical narratives shows clearly that Christianity is wholly compatible with a vegan ethic. I will explore the work of the growing number of Christian Vegan organisations and writers in Christian ethics who champion the rights of animals.

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3:00 - 4:30

Faith Panel: Exploring the Relationship between Religion & Veganism

In this panel discussion, we shall be exploring how people of varying faiths and beliefs find resonance in Veganism and how the practice of Veganism is in congruence with their faith. We shall explore some of the obstacles they may face amongst friends and family of the same faith and how some of these obstacles have been overcome.

Chair: Tree Kelly (University of Manchester)

Panel Members:

  • Mara Whyte – Muslim Animal Rights Activist
  • Krishna Gandhi – Hindu Animal Rights Activist
  • Lara Balsam – Jewish Vegetarian Society
  • The Green Vicar – The Rvd Janey Hillier
  • David Clough – Professor of Theological Ethics in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Chester and a Methodist preacher.

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