Toni Vernelli

Toni Vernelli

Head of Communications and Marketing at Veganuary

Toni Vernelli has been a vegan animal rights campaigner for nearly 30 years. She has organised high-profile protests against fur, circuses and animal testing in major cities around the world and documented the extreme suffering inside dozens of farms and slaughterhouses. The daughter of a butcher from a small town in Northern Canada, she believes we need passion and pragmatism in equal measure to be the most effective animal advocates possible. She also holds a PhD in Animal Behaviour.


Living in a non-vegan world without losing your mind

Every vegan knows that choosing to go vegan was the best decision they ever made, and we want everyone to know just how great it is! But our friends, family and colleagues often just see the inconvenience it causes and the divide it opens up between us. While there is no magic solution to every difficult situation, these simple tips and advice should help you cope with most scenarios without losing your mind or your friends.

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