Tierra Burrell

Tierra Burrell

Founder of Tierra Goes Green, Holistic Practitioner and Lifestyle Strategist

Holistic practitioner and lifestyle strategist, Tierra Burrell is the epitome of a self-empowered, authentic, and purpose led entrepreneur. Using her own physical and spiritual transformation as a blueprint, Tierra founded Tierra Goes Green, a total body wellness platform designed to help others escape the cycle of chronic illness, and discover the power within. Tierra’s unique brand of “self-help,” while anchored in plant-based eating, also connects diverse aspects of food culture with psychological theory and proven methods of personal development. Her subsequent product line of handmade body butters, oils, and supplements provides the perfect complement to the total body wellness curriculum she provides to clients. Tierra holds a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from American University, and can be found across all social media platforms as @TierraGoesGreen. For more information on Tierra and her signature offerings visit, TierraGoesGreen.com.


Keeping it G: Green, Glowing and Growing

Everything you need to live on this planet can be found in nature.

Discover the ways of going green: – make your skin grow; helps your hair grow; increases your energetic frequency 

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