Tamara Șchiopu

Tamara Șchiopu

Tamara Șchiopu, MBA, Founder and Director for Business Development at Tolhurst Organic Partnership CIC, UK, Founder & Director at Etno Gastronomica Ltd, Republic of Moldova. Tamara has a degree in Biology and Chemistry at USM and MBA from UC USA, as well as certificates in higher education teaching and in Nutrition. Her practical experience includes project management, brand development and fund raising. Tamara is author of three recipe books, all vegan and vegetarian, published in her native language Romanian she and published numerous guides in local food around Berkshire, Buckingamshire and Oxfordshire. The farm Tolhurst Organic where Tamara is Director is one of the few certified veganic farms in the country, with the Stock free Symbol attained in 2005. At Tolhurst Organic Tamara organises numerous farm visits, including groups of children, vegan shows, cookery workshops and catering for various organisations.


Junk Organic

What is wrong with fresh beetroot? Why is everyone looking for powdered organic beetroot? And with spinach? Why do you need to sell it as a packaged soup and not as a leaf? Potatoes have  become Potato Juice. Kale is now Kale Crisps. Apples are freeze-dried and vacuum cooked. Raspberries are only found in raw chocolate and strawberries –in coconut yoghurt. But where is the real stuff?? Letța talk about our food choices for convenience, for beliefs and for the Earth!
based on my article on Tolhurst Organic blog.

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