Stephen Coote

Stephen Coote

Vegan Bodybuilder

Stephen (@veganbodybuilding on Instagram) is a powerlifter, nutritionist and founder of

Having been raised lacto-vegetarian since birth he is fortunate to have never consumed meat, fish or eggs and after learning about the ethics of dairy switched to a vegan lifestyle six years ago.

After going vegan he was repeatedly warned by friends that the vegan diet was very unhealthy and he wouldn’t be able to get enough protein or iron to live a healthy life.

This ignited a strong desire to prove them wrong and demonstrate that a vegan diet wouldn’t compromise health or strength and was used as fuel to create a muscular physique weighing 210lbs (95kg) with just 8% bodyfat.

He found deadlifting well over a quarter of a ton (300kg) would usually quickly end any debates about “vegans being weak”.

Stephen then wanted to reach as many people as possible to dispel the common misconceptions around veganism and inspire others to adopt a vegan lifestyle which he does every day via, across social media and as an event speaker.

Vegans aren’t weak – we defend the weak!

4:00 - 4:45 Panel - Becoming a GameChanger

Nimai Delgado (prominently featured in The Game Changers movie), Bianca and Stephen will discuss a variety of topics including: The GameChangers movie; How to get into peak physical health and fitness.; Our top tips for achieving optimal results; How to stay motivated to reach your goals.; Optimising your gym workout to make it more efficient; The biggest mistakes we see people making that slows down their progress; Whether weight-loss or building muscle – obtaining results in less time; Several vitamins athletes are short of; Several easy changes we can all make to feel healthier; How we started a business that gives all of it’s profits to charity. Q&A at the end

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