Simone Venner

Simone Venner

Holistic Nutritionist and Yoga Instructor

Simone Venner is a registered holistic nutritionist and yoga instructor with a deep emphasis on lifestyle medicine. She was diagnosed with IBS in her teens but after making positive changes to both her diet & lifestyle Simone been living IBS free for 5 years. Simone works with an array of clients from lifestyle diseases to depression but through her own struggles has deep passion for gut health. Simone has been seen at The V Show, The Bloom Show, The Mind, Body, Spirit Show, Soul Circus, Bestival, The Ideal Home, Obonjan and monthly throughout London offices. Simone also works closely with the ‘The Invisible Vegan’ community, on the exploration of unhealthy dietary patterns within the African-American community.


Foods for Moods: Lifestyle Tips For Health And Wellbeing

Did you know that a person’s stomach or intestinal distress can be connected to anxiety, stress, or depression? Join Simone Venner, RHN from MsHolistic as she touches on food and lifestyle tips that can increase our overall well-being and happiness. ‘Foods For Moods’ introduces simple lifestyle recommendations to apply before even touching your diet such as; the benefits of chewing, mindful eating and the power of breath. 

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