Shinya Imahashi

Shinya Imahashi

Shinya Imahashi was practising Shumei Natural Agriculture for 3 years before moving to England in 2005. Starting with a small allotment outside London, he moved to Harlow in Essex, and since 2010, hehas been practising Natural Agriculture in Yatesbury. From 2014, the philosophy of Shumei Natural Agriculture has been shared with farmers in other countries in Europe. Shinya gives advice to farmers in Ireland, Spain , France, Greece, Italy and Germany.


Revitalizing the power of soil

Shinya will talk about basic principle of Shumei Natural agriculture, how he grows vegetables organically without adding any animal manures, combined with seed saving and continuous cropping systems. Revitalizing the power of soil is essential for Natural Agriculture farming. It’s 100% vegan organic.

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