Sam Gould

Sam Gould

Registered Dietitian

Sam is currently working as a paediatric dietitian specialising in oncology, haematology and bone marrow transplant at one of the UK’s regional centres, alongside seeing patients privately for guidance on plant-based nutrition. Prior to this she worked as an adult dietitian primarily in the fields of neurology, gestational diabetes and general medicine after finishing a post graduate diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Chester.

Sam completed her first degree in Physiology at the University of Liverpool in 2008 where she initially became vegan and her interest in human nutrition began to flourish. She has since worked in numerous roles, including teaching and animal charity work before pursuing her passion in nutrition and training to become a dietitian. Sam hopes to begin running plant-based nutrition courses in Bristol and will be shortly converting her post-graduate diploma into a master’s degree by undertaking a research project in paediatric nutrition.

11:00 - 11:45

Thrive on a vegan diet

Expert advice from vegan dietitian Sam Gould on how to meet your nutrient needs following a plant-based diet.

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