Salma Daneshmand

Salma Daneshmand

Salma, vegan since July 2017, knows first hand how the initial stages of veganism can be challenging at times. She has done her research by attending several talks by vegan entrepreneurs, animal rights activists, environmentalists and bloggers; eating out regularly; experimenting in the kitchen; setting up her own Instagram blog; and just by living a vegan lifestyle. Experienced in public speaking and having been told her energy and passion for veganism is infectious, she’s keen to spread the love and make veganism more approachable and accessible for all.


Five Top Tips for Going (And Staying) Vegan

Whether you’re curious about veganism; a new vegan seeking advice on how to stay motivated; or someone who would like to hear about some of the best vegan resources, food, information and events available, join Salma to hear her five top tips on how to go (and stay) vegan.

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