Sagar is an ardent vegan following a mostly raw vegan diet. He has been intermittent fasting for the last few years, and is passionate about supporting suppliers of organic and local produce from local farmers markets.
Being born a Jain, he follows through the principles of Ahimsa (non-violence) into every aspect of his life. His major contribution in this area is the research and projects he is involved with in the areas of Cannabis, circular economy, environmental jurisprudence and environmental activism.


Protecting and conserving the soil, earthworms and other inhabitants for healthy food and a healthy planet

The plight of our soil is in danger. In the last few years, much evidence has come on the dangers of pesticides and their impact on the health of the soil.  Along with the soil being damaged, the engineers of the soil are killed off too. The colonies of not so visible creatures like earthworms, insects, snails, slugs and bees are collapsing. Over the last 80 years, since ww2, the level of nutrients in our fruit and veg has dropped considerably, sometimes up to three times.  This hinsa (violence) to these stakeholders of the earth is also significant from a Jain perspective too. How do we address these issues so that they become another important thread of the conversation of Veganism? 

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