Roger Hallam

Roger Hallam

Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion & Animal Rebellion

Roger Hallam is a British environmental activist and a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion. Extinction Rebellion aims to have the government tell the truth about the climate emergency, reduce carbon emissions to zero by 2025, and create a “Citizens’ Assembly” for climate and ecological justice. Roger is a vegan of 35 years and worked with Animal Think Tank to found Animal Rebellion to bring a plant based message to the environmental movement, the public and government.

11:00 - 11:45

Panel: Why Rebel?

In October Animal Rebellion takes to the streets in partnership with Extinction Rebellion as part of a growing Movement of Movements. We will explore with cofounders of both organisations why they are taking to the streets to protest; why stay there for days; and why they believe that mass movements and rebelling against the government are crucial to social change. We will also discuss their strategies; the successes and challenges of October’s rebellion; and what we can expect next from both groups.

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