Rae Stanton-Smith

Rae Stanton-Smith

Earthcare Project Coordinator for Lush Retail

Beginning her Lush career in retail, Rae’s drive to inspire action through campaigning on everything from the UK’s fox hunting practices to ocean plastics has led her to the Lush Earthcare team where she heads up communications on environmental best practice for the UK&I. Her day can entail anything from contacting waste contractors for an individual shop through to working on business-wide waste reduction initiatives. Rae’s single passion is to facilitate action through education and knowledge sharing; for people, for animals, for the planet.


Moving Beyond Sustainability

An exploration of how we can lessen our negative impact and move beyond sustainability towards regeneration repairing the damaged systems that we have created. This talk not only explores some of the things we can do in our everyday lives to reduce our impacts and help regenerate damaged systems, but it also explores how such a thing may look in the wider business context of a global cosmetics company.

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