Peter Egan

Peter Egan


Going vegan has had a huge impact for Peter Egan – One of the greats of British TV, theatre and film whose acting career is approaching 50 years.

Starring in the much loved Ever Decreasing Circles in the 80’s and Peter has worked non stop with his more recent role as the Marquess of Flintshire in Downtown Abbey.
Going vegan “simplified and confirmed his life”.

Peter campaigns against the dog meat trade and for a vegan lifestyle and was awarded Celebrity Animal Hero of the Year. Peter also brought a great deal of laughter to our VegfestUK awards in London in 2016, and we are delighted that he is coming over to be with us in Brighton.

3:00 - 3:45

Karin's Celebrity Panel

An informal and insightful chat about how and why vegan and much more. Find out about how our wonderful guests deal with awkward questions, their favourite foods, why they are vegan and have the opportunity to ask questions too. There are always surprises with Karin’s sessions, you never know who may pop along for a chat!

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