Paula Meninato

Paula Meninato

Vegan artist and activist

Paula Meninato is a Philadelphia-based artist and activist. She is currently a postgraduate student at Plymouth College of Art, where she is engaged in a practice-led research on how art can be used to dismantle cognitive barriers that enable systemic oppression. In 2017, Meninato published Blueprint for Creative Dissent, an eBook which was downloaded over 600 times. She graduated from Tyler School of Art with a BFA in Painting, academic honors, a presidential scholarship, and a solo show at the Argentine Embassy in Washington, DC. She has given over 250 presentations to over 6,500 attendees on animal rights, political organising, and creative activism in Luxembourg, Barcelona, Vienna, Sweden, the UK, and the US. Paula is the author of Blueprint for Creative Dissent which is available to download for free on her website.


Beyond Raising Awareness: How to Incite Systemic Change through Art

The workshop will commence with a brief overview of the structure of political organizing and the psychology behind oppressive ideologies. We will then discuss how artists, activists, and community organizers can use art to effectively dismantle systems of oppression, especially speciesism. In particular, we will focus on art that has incited political action, community arts, successfully changed hearts and minds, and artists that have successfully installed political art within government institutions.

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