Paolo Bagarone

Paolo Bagarone

Regenerative Impact Team & Staff Engagement at Lush HQ

Starting as Christmas Temp, Paolo became a Trainer and eventually the Charity Pot Coordinator and Eco Officer of Lush Oxford Street eventually leading him to a role in Lush Headquarters working on the Regenerative Impact Team Impact. His day to day work consists of helping to compile reports on Lush’s impacts all the way from water use to carbon emissions, to charitable giving and more. He also works a lot on staff engagement around ethical lifestyle changes among helping with campaigns and the biannual Lush Spring Prize – a £200,000 award given to groups working towards social and environmental regeneration.


Moving Beyond Sustainability

An exploration of how we can lessen our negative impact and move beyond sustainability towards regeneration repairing the damaged systems that we have created. This talk not only explores some of the things we can do in our everyday lives to reduce our impacts and help regenerate damaged systems, but it also explores how such a thing may look in the wider business context of a global cosmetics company.

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