Owen Oliver

Owen Oliver

Volunteer with Animal Rebellion

Owen is a Philosophy Student at the University of Southampton and a volunteer with Animal Rebellion. He is interested in both the physical and emotional aspects of animal resistance and believes that we are not fighting ‘for’ the animals, but fighting ‘with’ them. Owen discovered his love for animals as he stood head to head with one of the cattle on his uncle’s beef farm, looking into his eyes. It was from then on that he began to involve himself in many Animal Justice organisations to resist this toxic system.

1:00 - 1:45

Animal Resistance

Animals resist their oppression every day. Sharing their stories is moving, inspiring and enriches our animal advocacy and campaigning. This talk will share some particularly poignant stories and then explore why centring animals and sharing their stories resistance is a moral obligation, an expression of true solidarity and strategically essential to achieving animal liberation.

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