Nikola McCarthy

Nikola McCarthy

Yoga Teacher

Nik is a 200hr Vinyasa yoga teacher based in East London.

Her classes are about mindful movement: providing students with clear anatomical alignment cues, while at the same time encouraging students to look within in order to find focus and connect with their bodies, ensuring a fun and safe practice for everyone.

Classes are always open to students of all levels, from brand new beginners to seasoned yogis. You are sure to leave your mat feeling both zen and energised, ready to take on the rest of your day.

11:00 - 11:45

Ahimsa in the Body and Mind

Compassion. Non-violence. Non-harm. As vegans, we always strive to embody these traits to the world around us, but what about to ourselves?

Join Nikola for an open-level 45 minute Vinyasa flow where you will move with intention, opening our hearts and creating space as we encourage positive energy, and cultivate feelings of compassion towards ourselves.

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