Nikesh Shah

Nikesh Shah

Yoga Teacher

Nikesh has been practising and teaching yoga for over seven years. He only started yoga due to a bit of availability on a Monday evening so thought he’d try a yoga class. Soon, he realized that he could coordinate his physical body movements through his breathing. His eyes opened to this lifestyle. As someone who has had a busy life in the city, yoga was “my time”. He was turning into a devotee to the practice. After attending some retreats (and teaching in some) in Turkey, Cyprus, India, Portugal, and Thailand, he started to realize more and more about who he was.

Nikesh says, “Yoga is life to me. I see it as something that is much more than the class itself. For me, it is taking your practice and using it in day to day. I realised that there’s a key connection between the mind and body and it works both ways. Open your body, open your mind and open your mind, open your body. Yoga has changed me as a person for the better. I am calmer, open-minded, less judgemental and more forgiving. I can offer the physical and spiritual aspects of learning to people from all backgrounds, may they be busy, dormant or even just curious! Let me take you to the present moment.”

4:00 - 4:45

Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga to Balance Chakras

Get in touch with your energy centres and channel more creativity, confidence and joy into your life. This class will be a dynamic flow class where you will smoothly flow from one posture to the other with the aim of balancing the energies – Chakras. Each posture in the class will focus on a chakra. Some of the postures will be held and some will be dynamic – the perfect combination of holding on and letting go.

This class will be led by Nikesh Shah, who is trained in both Ashtanga and Vinyasa styles of Yoga. This class is suitable for beginners.

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