Nathan Loughton

Nathan Loughton

Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer

As a long term vegan, Nathan has spent over 14 years building his physique on a plant based diet, and at nearly 38 is fitter and stronger than he has ever been.
Despite little information in this field being available at the time, Nathan went vegan overnight at age 23 and continued his regular training regime. To his surprise, he found he recovered quicker, could train harder and keep increasing his muscle mass. Having experimented over the years with his nutrition and training techniques, Nathan has a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks to share on bodybuilding as a vegan.
Nathan now runs his own PT business, Big VGN Fitness, with a fully vegan private gym in Lincolnshire, as well as offering online workout and nutrition plans.


Plant-based POWER!!!

Want to gain strength, size or just increase your fitness levels to make you feel better on a cruelty-free lifestyle?

Wondering if/how it can be done and if it’s easy or not?

Come along to my Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness talk to find out all the information you need to know, how easy it actually is and what you need to do to start your journey today! Topics covered will be:

  • Nutrition and how to adjust what you’re eating to get optimal gains
  • The different training methods you can adopt and the ones I’ve found have given me the best results
  • Ways to optimally lose body fat while still gaining strength and size (no bulking/cutting phases here!)
  • Using Intermittent Fasting to speed up your fat loss, strength gains and overall health
  • Recovery and how much protein you actually need to get the gains you want
  • Why many top athletes are adopting a vegan diet to get better results. If any of this interests you then come along and find out more.

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the talk to ask anything else you would like to know. Every’body’ can benefit from working out, even if you can only manage just once a week, so knowing the best things to do is going to be invaluable for optimal gains.

Let’s get fitter and healthier together!

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