Mel Broughton

Mel Broughton

Animal Rights Activist

I joined the Animal Rights movement in the early 1980’s and over the following decades have seen the movement evolve and change.  From street stalls to animal sanctuaries and anti-vivisection campaigns to a prison cell I have remained a committed grass-roots campaigner.  I have been vegan for almost 40 years now and been involved in many actions against the meat industry over that time.  The fight against animal experimentation was always close to my heart and remains so.  In my 60th year I have also returned to be an active hunt saboteur, hopefully illustrating its never to late get involved in the struggle for animal rights.


The role of grass-roots activism in Animal Rights and the future of the movement. (Activism and the campaign against the Oxford animal lab)

The animal rights movement was built around the activities of it’s grass – roots activists.  From the ALF to the Animal Liberation Leagues and the local group structure to ARC (Animal Rights Coalition).  We may have many more vegans now but does that necessarily mean animal rights is any nearer or are we being seduced by our own reflection on social media?

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