Mark Flood

Mark Flood

Organiser for the Leicester Square chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless

Mark is the organiser for the Leicester Square chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless. Through this role he supports local activists to take part in street demonstrations where the public is shown footage and invited to conversations about veganism.

Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV) is an animal rights organization that specializes in educating the public on animal exploitation and fostering highly effective activism communities worldwide. They hold an abolitionist stance against animal exploitation and promote a clear vegan message.


Panel: Grassroots - Where to From Here?

A panel to discuss various forms of grassroots activism and where to go from here.

Moderator: Jeremy Hess


  • Lynn Sawyer – Animal Rights Activists / Sab
  • Emma Louisa – YouTuber (Banana Warrior Princess)
  • Roger Yates – Vegan Information Project
  • Mark Flood – Organiser with Anonymous for the Voiceless

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