Maria Koutsogiannis

Maria Koutsogiannis

Founder of Food By Maria

Greek Canadian, Maria Koutsogiannis’ journey with food began after enduring a cruel battle with an eating disorder. Her fierce honesty, and stripped back approach to sharing her journey to self-love and seeking a healthy relationship with food has amassed a global cult following of 169,000 Instagram followers and over 130,000 monthly visitors to her blog in just three short years. Maria has an unwavering ability to keep it real and genuine and seeks to educate readers, and inspire vegans and non-vegans alike to embrace vibrant, wholesome plant-based foods into their daily life. Her straightforward recipes are thoughtful, healthy and nourishing while satisfying all cravings for classic comfort food and sweet indulgences.


Self Worth + Body Confidence

This talk focuses on how eating and taking care of yourself can change your mindset completely. In my case, going from waiting tables and barely paying rent to running a 6-figure business that revolves around food, the thing I once feared the most.

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