Maddie Lymburner

Maddie Lymburner

Maddie Lymburner is a 23-year-old vegan, social media influencer who has a deep passion for inspiring and motivating others to move toward a plant-based & healthy lifestyle. She is dedicated to helping others discover a compassionate, active, healthy lifestyle through creating content on all her social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and such as workout videos, vegan lifestyle videos, recipe videos, and her digital cookbook “What I Eat for Life”. Maddie has recently dove into the vegan fitness realm and has been sharing her journey on her second platform “MadFit”. Maddie is based in Toronto, Canada and travels with her boyfriend Kyle to places all over the world to experience the culture, and immerse in nature, all whilst documenting it on YouTube. Maddie has spent the past 5 years committing her time to pursue her passion for plant foods, and the past 3 on social media.


Panel: Female Fitness

Learn how to train to reach your fitness goals with this female panel of Vivo Life athletes!

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Workshop: MadFit Workout

Following the sensational rise of her MadFit YouTube channel, Canadian sensation Maddie Lymburner will take to the Vegfest stage on Sunday to instruct a live workout!

All ages and abilities welcome.


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