Lynn Sawyer

Lynn Sawyer

Lynn is an animal rights activist/sab and vegan. She changed her life completely from being a hunt supporter 25 years ago when she spoke out against hunting publicly.

Lynn’s main focus at the moment is in running Gloucestershire Badger Office as a resource for those fighting the cull/badger persecution in this area and in being part of three counties hunt saboteurs so also out against the hunts and other forms of wildlife crime. One of our recent successes along with Cirencester Illegal Huntwatch is the reporting of hunts blocking and digging out setts in cull zones as this gave the police the data needed to tackle the local hunts. Lynn’s view is that this is a small part of a much wider movement to fight against speciesism and all oppression.


Panel: Grassroots - Where to From Here?

A panel to discuss various forms of grassroots activism and where to go from here.

Moderator: Jeremy Hess


  • Lynn Sawyer – Animal Rights Activists / Sab
  • Emma Louisa – YouTuber (Banana Warrior Princess)
  • Roger Yates – Vegan Information Project
  • Mark Flood – Organiser with Anonymous for the Voiceless

Animal Rights & Activism full timetable

3:45 - 4:15

Working against the badger cull

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