Luke Marsh

Luke Marsh

Member & Project Manager with Sadhana Forest

My name is Luke Marsh, I have been with Sadhana Forest for 2 years, and have spent half of the time managing the project in Haiti, and helping manage the project in India. I came to Sadhana Forest as a unsustainable meat eating hunter. After a very short amount of time I had a huge transformation in my lifestyle inspired by this place, and constantly seeing other people change like I have. I am very active in my daily life about vocally speaking about Veganism and its really at the core of my beliefs. Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to lead the weekly public tours of Sadhana Forest where I have been able to speak to thousands of people about Veganism.


Sadhana Forest - A Vegan Eco Community

Sadhana Forest is a Vegan eco-community and conscious living project in India, Haiti and Kenya. The organisation works on indigenous reforestation and providing long term food security, while following a number of core values based around compassion, integrating our Animal sanctuary and Vegan values into our daily lives.

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