Leila Dehghan

Leila Dehghan

Plant-based nutritionist and personal trainer

Leila Dehghan, MD, is an Iranian doctor turned plant-based nutritionist and personal trainer. She studied medicine at the Medical University of Vienna and worked as a doctor in the UK before quitting for health reasons. Her migraines and her work as a vegan personal trainer led her to study the role of exercise and diet in healing. Inspired by the eCornell Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate she decided to pursue a career in nutrition and has recently completed a master’s degree in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition from the University College London. As a registered nutritionist with knowledge of all the latest research about diet and healthy eating, she helps others realise the highest levels of health, manage weight and prevent or recover from lifestyle diseases.

2:00 - 2:45

Living with migraine: how a whole food, plant-based diet changed my life

Migraine is the seventh most disabling disease in the world. With no real cure, migraineurs endure severe pains and cannot fully engage the world. I will share how a whole food, plant-based diet reduced my migraines from 17 to 2 days per month and allowed me to take back control of my life.

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