Laura Tapp

Laura Tapp

Volunteer with Animal Think Tank

Laura is a passionate advocate for human and non-human animals, with years of experience in human rights and social change philanthropy. She has studied nonviolent resistance and mobilisation extensively, most recently completing the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict’s course People Power: The Study of Strategic Nonviolent Resistance, which further formulated her understanding of nonviolent resistance and mobilisation. She is a volunteer with Animal Think Tank focused on activist training and the theories of nonviolent civil resistance.

2:00 - 2:45

How to Build an Animal Rebellion

This talk is for people who want to think big and get inspired. Drawn from cutting-edge research on mass movements and civil disobedience, this talk will introduce some key concepts, principles and strategies for building a powerful mass movement that can achieve transformative change for other animals. This session provides an overview of the strategies of Animal rebellion.

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