Laura Hellwig

Laura Hellwig

Campaigner for Viva!

Viva! makes the world a kinder place. We investigate and expose cruelty to farmed animals and we help people change. We do everything from being at the forefront of campaigns against factory farming to organising Vegan festivals, 30 Day Vegan and an inspirational recipe club. Whatever you want on being vegan or heading that way, Viva! is the charity to contact and support! For more info visit

Laura Hellwig is a campaigner for Viva!, she organised the first of its kind Viva!licious tour where Viva! toured the UK with an all vegan ice cream van and our all vegan coffee-bike campaign. At the moment Laura and the campaigns team are working on Viva!’s brand new environment campaign Vegan Now!. Find out how you can get involved at . On top of that Laura works on Viva!’s investigations, exposing what’s happening behind the closed doors of Britain’s factory farms.


Panel: National Organisations - Where to From Here?

A panel to highlight the work of various national organisations and where we go from here.

Moderator: Jeremy Hess


  • Isobel Hutchinson – Director of Animal Aid
  • Laura-Lisa Hellwig – Campaigner with Viva!
  • Samantha Calvert – Head of Communications for The Vegan Society
  • Abigail Penny – Acting Executive Director of Animal Equality

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