Ksenia Lavrentieva

Ksenia Lavrentieva


Ksenia may stand against everything that the fashion industry expects, being an eco diversity model but this is what makes her controversially different. But she is no outsider and ultimately her form of activism will soon make her fashion’s new best friend. Leading the way by example into the future of textiles and animal free products. Along with her infectious personality, relating to the public in her own unique way; bringing beauty, compassion and ethics. It is time to pull fashions’ skeletons out the closet and replace them with cruelty free transparency.

3:00 - 3:45

Karin's Celebrity Panel

An informal and insightful chat about how and why vegan and much more. Find out about how our wonderful guests deal with awkward questions, their favourite foods, why they are vegan and have the opportunity to ask questions too. There are always surprises with Karin’s sessions, you never know who may pop along for a chat!

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