Kate Strong

Kate Strong

World Champion triathlete & Sustainable Business Coach

Kate is on a mission to prove that we can excel in life and also leave the world a better place. Kate has been coaching individuals and companies for over 15 years, helping them increase profits and improve their impact socially and environmentally.
Kate’s coaching is second to none as she leans on over a decade of experience as an entrepreneur.In her coaching, she offers traditional tools as well as techniques she has personally developed on her own journey as a World Champion in triathlon  & World’s First Female to cycle 24h non-stop all off the power of plants.
Kate also leans on her engineering background, ensuring that the ‘boring stuff’ such as systems, admin and structure allow her clients to grow and flourish with ease.
Kate has worked with numerous organisations, from startup; helping them develop and grow an idea, to large corporations, integrating Sustainability Policies into the business culture. As cliché as it sounds, her clients’ success is her reward.


How to Create a Vegan Business

Do you want to start your own business, or grow the one you’ve currently got? The world is not stable; with job uncertainty and the climate crisis looming. Now is the time to learn the valuable skills of entrepreneurship./Today, the world is hungry for more vegan & ethical companies; businesses that are doing good in the world and helping make a positive difference./Kate Strong leans on her experience as an entrepreneur for over 15 years to unpack the steps you need to take to grow a profitable and purposeful business.

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How to Become A World Champion

Ever wondered what it takes to become number one in the world? Kate Strong never meant to become a champion triathlete, she just wanted to do her best… it just so happened her best was #1./Dealing with a messy break-up leaving her $1 million in debt and working 7 days a week, Kate had 101 reasons to give up./Yet, she switched to a 100% plant-based diet, learnt to thrive off 4 hours of sleep a night and stepped up mentally to win World Champion in Triathlon./In this talk, Kate shares her ’secrets’ how she did that and these steps can be applied to your life, whether your goal is to be the best in sport, to have more energy in the mornings or to eat healthier.

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