John Curtin

John Curtin

Vegan Animal Rights Activist

“I have been involved in the Animal Liberation movement since 1642, or at least it seems like that! I had a full “punk as fuck” head of hair and it was at a time in the early eighties when the movement was on fire. I joined an already existing movement that felt like it was unstoppable. The spine of the movement was the network of local AR groups that existed in virtually every town.  We had no leadership structure, but we got “stuff” done. ALF style philosophy, wotever that is, permeated through the entire movement and the “powers that be” didn’t seem to have a clue what to do with us.

But after saying that I did manage to get nicked an awful lot and ended up going through the revolving doors of the prison system for ALF actions.  Since then I’ve been involved in all sorts of diverse forms of campaigning – from undercover investigations, 1001 demos, hunt sabbing and squashing cages on the badger cull.   I’m a big lover of the ancient Indian traditions of love and compassion towards our fellow creatures and firmly believe that Buddha is the greatest animal liberation activist ever … Ronnie Lee limps in at second. On that note I also believe that Yoga provides all the answers we’re ever gonna need … ‘lokah samasath sukhino bhavantu’ – may all beings be happy ❤”

3:00 - 3:45

Our History From India to Animal Rebellion

The movement is seeing a surge in veganism and activism again. We have had many successful moments and successful campaigns in the past. Knowing about our history can help us learn from these achievements; how we organised and how we strategised; as well as help us learn to avoid the challenges and disappointments. We have had tens of thousands on the streets before and we want to see that again. This talk will cover the animal liberation movement from the early days to present times, by three animal liberation activists who have been involved in the movement for quite a number of years and have seen many changes and battles won.

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