Jacques Brennan

Jacques Brennan

Don’t Just Eat …Cook!  is Jacques Brennan’s mantra –  He believes that when we cook, we do more than simply prepare a meal and loves to talk about it! He has more than 50 years experience at the kitchen counter, has fed many mouths and continues to do so.

He is the author of the cooking manual,  HUNGRY SOUL – How to Cook / 100% vegan.  A book written for people who need to cook and to help young adults feed themselves.

3:00pm (BSL interpretation available)

Don't Just Eat ... COOK!

Sounds like an obvious statement – cooking = food, must be good. Apart from the important, life giving need to eat, when we actually cook ourselves the benefits are sevenfold (7 for good luck). Jacques will expand on the physical, emotional, mental, benefits of cooking.

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