Isobel Hutchinson

Isobel Hutchinson

Director of Animal Aid

Isobel Hutchinson is Director of Animal Aid, which is one of the UK’s largest and longest established animal rights organisations. Animal Aid campaigns against all animal abuse and promotes cruelty-free, vegan living.

After graduating from Oxford University in 2012, Isobel undertook an internship at Four Paws animal welfare charity. There, she learnt more about the farming industry, and was inspired by vegan colleagues to embrace this compassionate way of life. She joined Animal Aid in 2013, as she was keen to work for an organisation that advocated for animal rights. The first area she worked on was the campaign to end animal experiments, especially those funded by medical charities. She then worked on the organisation’s campaigns for farmed animals, before moving on to her current role. Isobel is absolutely dedicated to creating a cruelty-free world. She, and her colleagues at Animal Aid, are especially passionate about advocating for particularly vulnerable, persecuted and vilified animals, such as grey squirrels, mice and rats.

10:30 - 11:00 (BSL interpretation available)

Giving a voice to the UK’s most persecuted animals: Animal Aid’s wildlife campaigning and how you can help

Isobel will introduce the Wildlife Summit, and speak about Animal Aid, the work they do, with a focus on their wildlife campaigns. She will talk about the status of wild animals in the UK, including the intense persecution faced by non-native animals, those seen as ‘pests’ and those who are bred and released into the wild to be shot for sport. 

Animal Aid take several different approaches to campaigning for wild animals, including undercover investigations, political lobbying, working with the media and helping people to adopt kinder methods for deterring unwanted wild animals. 

Isobel will outline Animal Aid’s work, and a few ways in which people can get involved with helping animals, and introduce the rest of the Summit. 

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Panel: National Organisations - Where to From Here?

A panel to highlight the work of various national organisations and where we go from here.

Moderator: Jeremy Hess


  • Isobel Hutchinson – Director of Animal Aid
  • Laura-Lisa Hellwig – Campaigner with Viva!
  • Samantha Calvert – Head of Communications for The Vegan Society
  • Abigail Penny – Acting Executive Director of Animal Equality

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