Hunni Palmer

Hunni Palmer

Vegan Chef, Reiki healer and Co Director of Yovedic retreats Ltd

Hunni started her journey as a Vegan chef after training in India. She has since worked as head chef for Anand Yoga Village in Goa, Conglobo Retreat in Portugal and various upmarket vegan restaurants in London. She is currently head chef at a Vegan/ Vegetarian bistro in Stoke Newington. Hunni puts love into each meal she cooks and experiences a state of flow in the kitchen. She loves to surprise her diners by the flavours that can be created using plant based ingredients and is proud that her food nourishes the bodies she feeds. Hunni is also a reiki healer and co director of Yovedic retreats ( who are exhibiting at VegFest (QG2)


An Ayurvedic and Vegan Approach To Improving Our Health and Wellbeing

Starting with an introduction on Ayurveda, we will discuss the five great elements and the 3 subsequent dosha’s that exist in us to create our unique body types. We will then be discussing how we can compliment our health by following a plan in harmony with our own unique constitution. So guests can go away with tips they can start today, we will also be presenting an Ayurvedic detox plan supported by a Vegan approach to an Ayurvedic Sattvic diet. The detox plan and vegan sattvic diet induces balance and harmony in all body types and is a great tool for anyone to have to improve there health and wellbeing. 

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