Dr Rebecca Jones

Dr Rebecca Jones

General Practitioner

The Vegan Doctor, Dr Rebecca Jones, is a UK General Practitioner, an ethical vegan and health writer. She is a medical advocate for the vegan lifestyle, breaking down barriers between vegans and the medical profession. The Vegan Doctor is passionate about enabling the vegan population to access good quality healthcare, and to maintain good physical health whilst following a plant-based diet.

Dr Rebecca Jones (MRCGP (2015), MBChB, BSc hons) qualified as a GP in 2015, and currently works in South East England. She is currently undertaking an MSc in Clinical Nutrition and writes for Raise Vegan magazine, as well as being featured in The Guardian, Huffpost, Daily Mail and several GP publications. You can find The Vegan Doctors articles at www.thevegandoctor.co.uk as well as Facebook (@thevegandoc01) and Twitter (@the_vegan_doc).

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1:00 - 1:45

Navigating the World of Medicine as a Vegan

The Vegan Doctor will outline considerations to be taken when you need to see your doctor or take medications, and how to find vegan-friendly over-the-counter medication. This presentation will cover pitfalls such as non-vegan ingredients in medicines and speaking to doctors who might be cynical about your lifestyle choice.

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