Dr Mahesh Shah

Dr Mahesh Shah

GP & Naturopathic Nutritionist

Dr Shah was born and brought up in London and qualified from the Hull York Medical School in 2010. He has been a qualified general practitioner since August 2015.
He realised early in his career that the modern lifestyle plays a key role in chronic disease, and as much as conventional medicine has given us, chronic diseases continue to rise and reduce quality of life. As a doctor, he wanted to find another way so that people could live happy and healthy lives once more. This took Dr Shah into holistic and naturopathic medicine, focusing on lifestyle and well-being.

Passionate about whole-food plant-based nutrition as a vital pillar in preventing, improving and reversing chronic disease, he speaks on this and lifestyle medicine at various community and public events, inspiring and empowering people to choose good health and happiness.
He is an advisory board member for Plant-Based Health Professionals UK and Whole Food Plant Based (wfpb.org), on the team at MACROVegan and Leicestershire Health Save, and Medical Advisor for Humane Being (humanebeing.org.uk).

Dr Shah looks to open his own lifestyle medicine practice and advice service in the future, and can be followed on social media via Facebook (Mahesh Mesh Shah) and Instagram at mesh_the_vegan_doc.

1:00 - 1:45

Getting To The Heart Of The Matter

There is increasing evidence of the role our lifestyle plays in determining health and well-being, and a big part of this is what we eat. This talk will give you a great insight into the wonders of whole-food plant-based nutrition for the prevention, improvement and reversal of heart disease.

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