De Fuego is a award-winning Spanish guitar duo playing energetic instrumental flamenco and rumba-based music. With their fiery upbeat passionate sound and percussive guitar techniques they quickly created a buzz and reputation on the live scene, playing festivals across the U.K and establishing themselves as a world class in demand live act.
Major festivals include Glastonbury Festival, Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Sziget Fesztival (HU), Meadows in the Mountains (BU), Rumpus Festival, Vegfest London, Mau Waui, Boxmoor, to name a few, and renounded music venues such as Spice of Life (Soho, London), Green Note (Camden, London), The Ritzy (Brixton, London) as regular guests. De fuego has also headlined a number of UK festivals and performed across Europe including Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria and Hungary.
De Fuego have received glowing reviews by many world music magazines, including Fatea Magazine, Songlines, F-roots and have hundreds of thousands of YouTube views with the support and following  of a loyal fan base. De Fuego have also released 2 albums (see links below) and are currently working on the 3rd one.
De Fuego – Hummingbird (Official Music Video)
De Fuego – Bluebird (1st album)
De Fuego – Davide (2nd album)
“Edina’s rhythm is spot on, steady and punchy, and Tony’s lead is both fluid and crisp.” Fatea Magazine
“De Fuego are just something else. Totally humble and unassuming as individuals, but don’t let this deceive you! From the second the first pluck hits the airwaves you’re swept away with their passion”
“Their entertainment value can be likened to two polite boxers shadow-sparring or two tango dancers who have swallowed something and allowed their lower halves to go off and do the St. Vitus reel. This is spectacle” Songlines magazine

12:00pm - 12:40pm