Brian Turner

Brian Turner

Vegan Bodybuilder

Brian Turner, has been a natural bodybuilder for 10 years of which now 3.5 years have been vegan. Brian boasts 270k subscribers on his YouTube channel and speaks about how he’s been able to make gains on a vegan diet, battle through his tough times with acne and he shares his life weekly on social media!


Panel: Vegan Bodybuilding

Learn how to make some serious ve-gains with our panel of Vivo Life athletes!

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Panel: Vivo Fitness

An expert panel of Vivo Life athletes discuss how to achieve elite fitness performance on a plant based diet.

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4:00pm (BSL interpretation available)

The Power of Social Media for Vegan Activism

Can you change the world with social media? How can you use your own social media presence to help move the vegan movement forward?

Plus special appearance from Brian Turner, a well known name in the vegan YouTubers world!

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