Anita Kerai

Anita Kerai

Author & Presenter on Simply Good Food TV

I am a Kenyan- Indian chef, presenter on Simply Good Food TV and author. After carving a very successful career as an accountant working with various media companies over 15 years , I made the decision to follow my heart and dedicate my time to food and in particular the mix of Indian / Kenyan vegetarian and vegan cuisine and promote healthy eating.

My series ‘RETURN TO KENYA’ and book ‘FLAVOURS OF KENYA’ and is going to be released towards the end of the year

My cookery school Anita’s Kitchen focuses on teaching cooking delicious, healthy food using wonky veg, and also show how to reduce food waste by using whatever you have in your fridge or pantry. All recipes are focused on teaching simple, healthy balanced meals to suit a busy lifestyle.

Playing in the fields surrounded by trees, nature, wildlife, plus seeing all that poverty around me has made me very environmentally friendly. I am a very strong believer in keeping our planet green, love food hate waste, recycling and reusing as I believe we have a moral and ethical responsibility to future generations. I volunteer with Curry for Change (run by  Find your Feet  and Health Poverty Action) that help  rural families in Asia & Africa come out of poverty.

I am a Food Revolution ambassador and work with schools as tackling child obesity is one of the causes close to my heart as I believe that by investing in a child you are investing in the future of the economy.

Along with my family, friends, travel, music, reading, watching cricket, food is what gives me the most pleasure. Living Green is second nature to me, but I know being a new vegan or vegetarian can be daunting, so I want to pass down the traditional recipes with a bit of my style and my own creations to all those who want to go plant-based.

11:00 - 11:45

Kenyan Bhel

Kenyan street food is not well known. I want to share food that I grew up eating. This is a dish that showcases my Kenyan and Indian heritage. Discover how easy vegan snacks that are not only flavoursome and colourful, but also healthy, can be. Spicy, Moreish & Healthy!!!

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