Amy Elisabeth

Amy Elisabeth

Vegan Personal Trainer

Amy was very active as a child and this led to a love of gymnastics. Aged 13, she started teaching gymnastics and over the years gained her coaching qualifications in gymnastics, trampolining and more recently, personal training. Having turned vegan 12 years ago, she now chooses to work with vegans or people transitioning to veganism.
Amy created The Plan of Action which is a personalised fitness plan that can fit around any busy lifestyle. It helps clients feel happier and healthier through the use of simple workouts which can be done anywhere and small changes to their diet.
Amy enjoys combining physical challenges with her love of the outdoors; she has hiked the Annapurna trail, ran the North Pole Marathon and cycled the length of New Zealand. Amy’s current goal is to run a marathon on every continent.


Workshop: Feel Happier and Healthier - The Vegan Way

We are often made to feel like health and fitness is complicated but it doesn’t have to be. In this two part talk, we will first look at the fundamentals of a happy and healthy life. In the second part we will do a 15 minute full body workout followed by a stretching session that even the busiest person can do everyday. Feel welcome to bring a mat to use, but this is not compulsory.

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