Abigail Penny

Abigail Penny

Acting Executive Director of Animal Equality UK

Abigail Penny is the Acting Executive Director of Animal Equality UK. Founded in 2009, Abigail heads up the UK branch of this global animal protection organisation, overseeing their groundbreaking investigations, innovative iAnimal 360 VR project, as well as strategic corporate and legislative campaigns to end farmed animal suffering.

Animal Equality works with companies, government, industry and society to change the way we treat and think about farmed animals, and envisions a world in which all animals are respected and protected. Animal Charity Evaluators has named Animal Equality a ‘Top Charity’ for four years due to its effective, impact-driven work that delivers outstanding value for money.

Abigail was previously the Operations Manager for Animal Equality and prior to this had a successful career in project management. A committed vegan and animal activist, she leads the organisation with a passion for ending animal suffering in all its forms.


Panel: National Organisations - Where to From Here?

A panel to highlight the work of various national organisations and where we go from here.

Moderator: Jeremy Hess


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  • Laura-Lisa Hellwig – Campaigner with Viva!
  • Samantha Calvert – Head of Communications for The Vegan Society
  • Abigail Penny – Acting Executive Director of Animal Equality

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