Prime Area Sponsors Checklist

Confirmed prime area sponsors should submit the following materials to [email protected] by the end of August 2019 for cross-promotion

1 advert on digital screens at the venue

Dimensions and specs of each advert:

W1920 x H1080 in pixels
JPG format
100 dpi minimum

Website panels

Dimensions and specs as follows

W595 x H325 in pixels
W661 x H370 in pixels
W300 x H250 in pixels
JPG format

3 Blogs on the Vegfest Express

Materials required for each blog:

Blog Title
200 – 300 words approx + 4 images + links for the body of the blog

A proof of each blog will be emailed to you for checking before publication.

Page dedicated to your own business on show website

(also used for your programme editorial)

Materials required: up to 300 words + 4 images + links

Stallholder Description

(also used for bulletin inserts)

50 words + logo + link

Programme advert

Dimensions and specs as follows

W336mm x H240mm + 3mm bleed around the edges
JPG / PDF format
300 dpi minimum
CMYK colour profile

Branding on print materials

We will need a logo (preferably on a transparent background) for inclusion on our posters and flyers.

Logo specs as follows:

JPG / PDF format
300 dpi minimum
CMYK colour profile