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5th Season Fruit

Stall Number: CF4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Reduced from £1.50 to ONLY £1 per pack OR even better get 6 packs for £5!

Alara Wholefoods

Stall Number: CC3
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Alba Paris

Stall Number: MF1
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All Natural Me

Stall Number: CC5
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SHOW SPECIAL - 3 for 2 on all our products!


Stall Number: CQ1
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Stall Number: WM13 & WM14
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SHOW SPECIAL - Ask for a discount code leaflet for 10% off first online orders. Subject to stock today Vegan Egg for £2! Tofu Press reduced today only to £20 from RRP £26! Other special offers likely nearer the time, email the shop in Newcastle!

Aluna coconut

Stall Number: WM1
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Ananda's Marshmallows

Stall Number: WM9
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SHOW SPECIAL - 3 for the price of 2 on all products!

Animal Aid

Stall Number: CH3
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Animal Equality

Stall Number: CT1
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Animal Rebellion

Stall Number: U27
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Animal Welfare Party

Stall Number: U26
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Animals Asia Foundation

Stall Number: U17
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Ankh Rah

Stall Number: CG6
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Anonymous for the Voiceless

Stall Number: WM11
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Stall Number: WM15
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Ape Store

Stall Number: MF4
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AQUAPAX (Just Drinking Water Ltd)

Stall Number: WC10
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SHOW SPECIAL - Aquapax 500ml 6 for £5. Aquapax 1000ml 4 for £5.

Arancini Brothers

Stall Number: CAT16
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Arbonne International

Stall Number: QJ5
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SHOW SPECIAL - Get free membership and 20% off straightaway on all products. Buy 3 sets of the festive range and get 20% off Spend £190 full price and get a free gift up to £70 and free delivery and 20% off. Enter free draw to win a vegan hamper of Arbonne goodies.

Avanti Candles

Stall Number: CD7
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Bad Ass Cakes

Stall Number: CAT24
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SHOW SPECIAL - Bad Ass Show Special Buy a box of four cakes for only £10 save £6 Mix and Match.

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Stall Number: CD8



Stall Number: WC6
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Benevo Vegan Pet Foods

Stall Number: WN1
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SHOW SPECIAL - 3 for £5 on Pawtato Sticks and Tubes!

Better Nature

Stall Number: WK2
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy one and get 50% off your next purchase from our stall at WK2


Stall Number: TP6 & TP7
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To help grow your own produce, BIOCANNA have developed plant based nutrients to enhance the health, taste and speed of growth of your produce. The nutrients are in tune with the plant and provide it with the necessary minerals and bioactive substances to grow.


Stall Number: CG5
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SHOW SPECIAL - special launch offer - 10% off on all our products

Bird & Blend Tea Co.

Stall Number: QD6
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Stall Number: QD3
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SHOW SPECIAL - Each customer who makes a purchase will receive a 20% off voucher to be redeemed against their first online order.

Booja-Booja Events

Stall Number: CAT5
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Stall Number: CH6
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SHOW SPECIAL - Join our weekly newsletter and get 20% off your 1st Veg Box ( T&Cs apply)


Stall Number: CAT21
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Bwazi Clothing

Stall Number: QH2


Cats protection

Stall Number: WK4
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Celtic Wind Crops

Stall Number: CA9
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Celtic Wind Crops, an Irish Owned company, was set up in 2012 to capitalise on the growing demand for ancient crops and grains. Growing all of its own raw materials in Co. Louth, the business has crafted a unique range of foods and food supplements, under the Celtic Wind brand, that are 100% natural, contain no herbicides or pesticides and provide a safe and fully compliant range of products that are independently tested & analysed and are trusted for their authenticity by todays discerning consumer.


Stall Number: MC1
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy 4, get 1 free


Stall Number: CAT20
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SHOW SPECIAL - Special Thali Offer - A Vegan Meal, A Samosa and an Indian Sweet for £10

Challenge 22

Stall Number: MA8
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Stall Number: CU1A
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Stall Number: QA1
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Cloud Massage

Stall Number: QB1
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Cocolico Pâtisserie

Stall Number: WF1
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Coconut Merchant

Stall Number: WI1 & WI2
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Everything. Ethically. Coconut. At Coconut Merchant supporting farmers is the ultimate objective of what we do, we try and get as close to farmers and farmers\' cooperatives as possible, and we work hard to make sure they get a fair price for their produce. We currently partner and source from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Cofresh / Eat Real Snacks

Stall Number: WK1
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SHOW SPECIAL - We shall be offering our sharing packs on a 2 for £2 offer (normal retail £1.79)

College of Living Nutrition

Stall Number: CA1
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SHOW SPECIAL - If you book on the practitioner course this weekend you will get a £90 discount

College of Naturopathic Medicine

Stall Number: QG3
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Conscious Future

Stall Number: U22
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SHOW SPECIAL - Bring your own bottles to refill with Conscious Living Personal Care products & receive 15% discount on your purchase.

Creative Nature

Stall Number: CG3
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SHOW SPECIAL - 20 bars for £15 - MIX AND MATCH ON ALL FLAVOURS 3 mixes for £10 - MIX AND MATCH

Daiya Foods

Stall Number: WN2
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Dandies Marshmallows

Stall Number: WC5
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Stall Number: CAT1
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Dark Matters

Stall Number: WC4
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SHOW SPECIAL - £2.80 each or Big box of 4 brownies £10 Buy a Big Box of 4 Brownies plus our Dark Matters ethical tote bag for £15 (usually £18)

Dearest Fannie

Stall Number: CE8
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Deep Fried Cookie Dough

Stall Number: CAT25
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Stall Number: ME4
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Stall Number: WD3
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Divine Gaia

Stall Number: QG6
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Dolma Vegan Fragrances

Stall Number: QD1
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Dominee's Doughnuts

Stall Number: ME8 (SUN)
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SHOW SPECIAL - Special Offer: Doughnuts for £2 each or 4 Doughnuts for £6

Dominion Brewery The Happy sturgeon Bar

Stall Number: CAT3


Our Happy Sturgeon Bar will delight you with a fabulous range of Belgian, Craft, and Cask Ale, cider, wine, and soft drinks. come and enjoy some of the best beers and ciders around without worrying about what might be in them.

SHOW SPECIAL - 3 bottles of delicious Belgian beer for £12.

doTerra Essential Oils

Stall Number: QI1
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Dr Bronner's

Stall Number: CP1
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Dr Cheem’s Superfood Odyssey

Stall Number: CAT13
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Vegan’s Grin Zone - Superfood for body and Soul. Dr Cheem’s Superfood Odyssey, a vegan and Gluten-free London NHS GP ,having 20 years of experience in making unique, tasty, healthy, freshly prepared foods. Salads, snacks, fruit based desserts with an Indian twist. A perfect blend of Indian flavours AND variety of superfoods, mango, berries, coconut, Amaranth, wild rice, quinoa millet, brown rice, high protein pulses, sprouts, fruits nuts and vegetables. No deep frying. No shallow frying. No artificial colours. No baking. Treat yourself with vibrant desserts and freshly made crispy savoury pancakes while you wait.

Eden Perfumes

Stall Number: CM3
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Eh-Co: Etinde House Chilli Oil

Stall Number: WB4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy One Get 15% Off a Second bottle.


Stall Number: QA10
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SHOW SPECIAL - 30% OFF all products.

Emani Vegan Cosmetics and Crazy Rumors Lip Balms

Stall Number: CC1
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SHOW SPECIAL - Show special only - up to 30% off RRP

En Root

Stall Number: CAT8
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy 2 bottles of Raja Bonnet Sauce for £8 (20% off!) Free Energy Ball with any main meal purchased!

Encona Sauces

Stall Number: WD4
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Equinox Gifted Thoughts

Stall Number: CA2 & CA3
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SHOW SPECIAL - 10% off clothes Stamford Incense 5 for £5


Stall Number: CI2
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Stall Number: CT3
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SHOW SPECIAL - 25% Off selected Ferme\'s and multibuy deals on most of our Fermentinos


Stall Number: CR5


Fire and Ice Bottles

Stall Number: WM7
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SHOW SPECIAL - 10% discount at vegfest

Fit Pit Natural Deodorant

Stall Number: CD3
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SHOW SPECIAL - 3 for 2 on all our Fit Pit mini jars.


Stall Number: CG1
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Flint and Flame

Stall Number: WH2
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SHOW SPECIAL - Show Special of up to 50% off our recommended retail prices.

Floral Street

Stall Number: CM2
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Vegan, sustainable, unforgettable – Floral Street is the ultimate modern fine fragrance brand straight from London’s Covent Garden, to you. With a focus on the planet and sustainability Floral Street delivers exquisite fragrances that match your scent to your mood. We believe that beauty doesn\'t have to cost the earth - Who will you be today?

FLUX Undies

Stall Number: CF2
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SHOW SPECIAL - 20% off all our products over Saturday and Sunday!

Follow Your Heart

Stall Number: CB4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Up to 50% discount on selected Follow Your Heart Products.

Forage & Find

Stall Number: CA4
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SHOW SPECIAL - 10% off for the first 10 customers!

Free from Italy

Stall Number: CC7
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SHOW SPECIAL - Organic Vegan Rice Style Legumes Buy 3 for £3 Organic Vegan Cheeky Monkey Peanut Butter Puffs £1.50 Award Winning Le Conserve Della Nonna Vegan Pesto only £2

Free the Taste

Stall Number: U19 - 3RD FLOOR
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Freely Handustry

Stall Number: CH5
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SHOW SPECIAL - *Buy 3 Get One Free on all our products* *Buy 5 Get Two Free on all our products*

Freya + Bailey Natural Skincare

Stall Number: QC4
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SHOW SPECIAL - 15 % discount on all items for 26th and 27th October only

Funky Skincare

Stall Number: QD4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Butterwhips: Body Butters - 2 Small Body Butters (25g) £12 / 1 Large (75g) & 1 Small (25g) Body Butter £20 Elsa\'s Organic Skinfood\'s Deodorant: £10 each or Mix & Match 3 for £25 Urban Veda: Facial Set including: Face Wash, Polish & Day Cream £35. Salt of the Earth Deodrants: 2 for £10 (Sprays & Roll ons) FREE Goody Bag for the first 12 customers who spend over £30.


Stall Number: U7 & 8
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Quality Vegan Goods from Newquay, Cornwall. Hand-drawn, ethical, sustainable, organic clothing & accessories. 20% of profits donated to FRIEND Farm Animal Sanctuary.

SHOW SPECIAL - 50% off on selected tees!


Stall Number: CQ4
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Glory Skin

Stall Number: U20
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SHOW SPECIAL - Full range of deodorants, all at a discounted price.

Go Kombucha

Stall Number: WM12
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Grass & Co.

Stall Number: CM1
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SHOW SPECIAL - 20% off to all Vegfest customers and a giveaway! Usually a retreat or vouchers

Greedy Lama

Stall Number: MA6
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SHOW SPECIAL - Free Lama Box with every subscription

Greek Animal Rescue (UK)

Stall Number: WM16
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Greek Vegan Deli Specialties

Stall Number: CAT 15
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Green Butchers

Stall Number: WD1
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Green People

Stall Number: CH1
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SHOW SPECIAL - 20% off everything!

Green Stem

Stall Number: QI3
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Green Wallet

Stall Number: CO1
Visit Website


Green Wallet is your conscious shopping and spending wallet. Connect with sustainable businesses and shop ethical products. Vote with your wallet for a better and greener future. Green Wallet brings conscious shopping at your fingertips. Shop thousands of sustainable products from your favourite sustainable brands direct from the app or on merchant websites with 1Click. Thanks to GreenWallet 1Click button. Earn Green Coins as we reward you for every purchase. Visit www.mygreenwallet.com and let your wallet make a difference.

SHOW SPECIAL - Green Wallet is your conscious shopping and spending wallet. Connect with sustainable businesses and shop ethical products. Shop thousands of sustainable products from your favourite brands direct from the app or on merchant websites with 1Click. Visit www.mygreenwallet.com and vote with your wallet for a better and greener future.

Greener Beauty

Stall Number: WL6
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Greens for Animal Protection

Stall Number: MF8
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Stall Number: CG7
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SHOW SPECIAL - 10% plus discount

Happy Carrot Skincare

Stall Number: U23
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SHOW SPECIAL - 20% discount on all our products

Happy Cheeze GmbH

Stall Number: WH4
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Happy Cheeze produces a range of artisan raw, vegan, cashew-based cheese alternatives. All handmade in the little German city Cuxhaven. As the first producers of raw, vegan cheese alternatives in Europe and we are the leading company in Germany in this field. The entire range contains no chemicals, preservatives or artificial colorings & flavorings. Come and try our products.

SHOW SPECIAL - Buy two products of our range and get one of our latest products for free.

Happy Happy Soy Boy

Stall Number: WB8
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Heart to Heart

Stall Number: QA8
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SHOW SPECIAL - Heart to Heart Deck - (83 cards) and book - £15.00 - usual price £20 Destiny Deck (52 cards) and book - £10 - usual price £15

Heartcure Clothing

Stall Number: WL5
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SHOW SPECIAL - Free animal sanctuary Polaroid photo with every purchase!

Hemp By Nature

Stall Number: U21
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The only plastic-free CBD company in the world! An independent shop run by a couple of vegans. Come and sample some tea and oils and have a chat about all things hemp.

Hempen Co-operative

Stall Number: CB5
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Henna Inks

Stall Number: QC5


Hey Gorgeous

Stall Number: CC3A
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Hugletts Wood Farm Animal sanctuary

Stall Number: CE4
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Hungry Soul

Stall Number: CC6A


SHOW SPECIAL - Cookbook Giveaway! Hungry Soul how to cook - 100% vegan ... just sign up for a chance to win your free copy of the book.

Hunt Investigation Team

Stall Number: WC1
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Hunt Saboteurs Association

Stall Number: CK1
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SHOW SPECIAL - Become a member at the show for a free gift.


Stall Number: WF3
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Stall Number: CE1
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iZYCARE Company

Stall Number: CT4
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Water Saving & Power enhncing & Filtering Shower Heads

Jecca Blac

Stall Number: QC2
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - We will be offering bundle offer on the Lipsticks- 2 lipsticks for £24 instead of £28.

Juice Junkiez

Stall Number: CAT 23
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SHOW SPECIAL - £1 refill on pineapples

Juliette’s Kitchen

Stall Number: MC8
Visit Website


Juliette is a nutritional consultant, superfood chef and author. She has an amazing selection of online courses, nutritional superfood mixes, books and her new amazing cbd hot chocolate mix all of which she has created herself. She specializes in gluten free and refined sugar free delicious and nutritious foods.

SHOW SPECIAL - Up to 75% off all online courses as well as buy 2 get one free on the courses

Kijani Living

Stall Number: CH2
Visit Website


Kindred Traveller

Stall Number: CA5
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Book at the event for 10% off any of our holidays


Stall Number: QF1
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 10% off all KINGS products or Free travel size bottle (10ml) with every 50ml bottle of aftershave fragrance bought

Koi Footwear

Stall Number: CD6
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Koko Dairy Free

Stall Number: CN1
Visit Website



Stall Number: QA3
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Stall Number: U24
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - A package of an \"on the go\" Tea filter bottle: With 3 Loose leaf 50g Teas of your choice will be available @ £25. Or with 6 Loose leaf 50g Teas of your choice will be available @ £35.

Lazy Vegan

Stall Number: WI3
Visit Website


Le Baroque of Morocco

Stall Number: MC5


SHOW SPECIAL - £5.00 off when spending over £100


Stall Number: WE3
Visit Website


Leo's Box

Stall Number: MF5
Visit Website


Lifeafterhummus Community Benefit Society

Stall Number: MA4
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Free community nutrition and cooking classes every Monday evening at our hub.

Lifestyle Internacional Limited

Stall Number: CI4
Visit Website



LioBites Fruit Crisps

Stall Number: U5
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Special offers on the show up to 50% off selected flavours ! Veg Fest offer only!


Stall Number: CC6
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Buy One Get One Free on our Vegan chocolate Buttercups

Luna Tree

Stall Number: U1
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Sign up for our mailing list and be entered into our Free Prize Draw to win £25 vouchers to spend with us online.

Lunette Menstrual Cup

Stall Number: CR4
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - All Lunette Menstrual Cups -20% only for Vegefest visitors

Lush London City

Stall Number: MC4


Made In Hackney

Stall Number: ME1
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Visit the Made In Hackney stall and receive a 25% off a Made In Hackney masterclass voucher. The voucher is valid for 6 months and redeemable against one masterclass.

Mally's Gin Bar

Stall Number: CAT14
Visit Website


Master Sha Tao Centre

Stall Number: QJ4
Visit Website



Stall Number: WG3
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Free Mayhew Tote Bag when you spend £15


Visit Website



Stall Number: CI3
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Post a photo for your MiiRO toppings creation on Instagram tagging @miiro_ice_cream and get a chance to WIN a FREE bundle of MiiRO (3 boxes)

Mindful Chef

Stall Number: CQ6
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Free cook book on your first delivery and £10 off your first & second delivery

Moo Free Chocolates

Stall Number: CK4
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Moo Free - Classic 100g bars: Any 3 for 6 Moo Free - Mini Moos / Choccy Drops: Any 3 for £2

Mooncup Ltd

Stall Number: CE6
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Special show discounted price: £16.00 (normally £21.99)

Mouse's Favourite

Stall Number: WL3
Visit Website


Mr Nice Pie

Stall Number: WC3
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 3 for £10

Mr Organic

Stall Number: CO3
Visit Website


Mr Organic is all about positivity! Giving you nutritious, tasty, organic vegan food while making a positive change in the world. They\'re strong about their ethics, working only with the best, traceable ingredients and trusted farmers for over 10 years now. From store cupboard staples to specialty goods, Mr Organic is making it simple to choose a better, more wholesome way of living. Mr Organic...just yummy naked goodness, made with love for our planet!

SHOW SPECIAL - Free tasting on our delicious, nutritious, organic products. Buy your favourites for less than half price!

Ms. Cupcake

Stall Number: CAT 0
Visit Website


Mummy Meagz® The Indulgent Vegan Kitchen®

Stall Number: WF2
Visit Website


My Copper Cup

Stall Number: QE3
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Our show offer is Buy One Get One Free on our single crystal copper cups.

Nakd Wholefoods

Stall Number: CP3
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - A yummy case (18 bars) of healthy Nakd bars for £10 OR, 10 bars for £5.

Natural Origin UK

Stall Number: MF6
Visit Website


Natural Origin UK produce cold-pressed non-carbonated Fruit Drinks, free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. We use the whole fruit for fuller flavour, higher vitamin C levels and antioxidants. Proud winners of two Great Taste Awards. Available for Outdoor Events, Festivals, Private functions and Wholesale. Email: [email protected]

SHOW SPECIAL - Buy a bottle of Rum Punch Get a 330ml of any flavour Fruit Drink free.


Stall Number: CL3
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - In addition to offering a 25% discount on our products we will also have free samples available and will be providing expert nutrition advice.

Nature's Charm

Stall Number: WL2
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - All products will be on offer and when you spend £5 we will be giving away lots of freebies!

NEEK Skin Organics Australia

Stall Number: CK3
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - NEEK Skin Organics Vegan Lipsticks: £15 each / 2 for £25. NEEK Skin Organics Vegan Face Cleanser: £14.50 each / Any 2 skincare: £25 NEEK Skin Organics Vegan Face Moisturiser: £18.00 each / Any 2 skincare: £25

New Ascent Corporation

Stall Number: WA1
Visit Website


New Internationalist

Stall Number: WD8
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 2 free issues!

New Roots Cheese

Stall Number: CK2
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - We have up to 20% off all our Cheeses (RRP)!! In addition, visit our stall and enter our New Roots Competition, you can win a selection of Cheeses worth £100! Cheeeeeeese!


Stall Number: CT2


SHOW SPECIAL - 1 drink for £3:50 and 4 for £12.00

North Meets East

Stall Number: CAT18


SHOW SPECIAL - Vada Paw (Indian Spied Burger) - Buy two and get the 2nd one for half price

Northern Bloc Ice Cream

Stall Number: CE2
Visit Website


At Northern Bloc we set out to create a great tasting all natural plant based ice cream. We’re ice cream pioneers challenging the norm and changing the game to bring vegan ice cream to centre plate with our unique rice based recipe.


Stall Number: CAT17
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 3 for £10 on all cakes!


Stall Number: U3
Visit Website



Stall Number: WN3
Visit Website


NOW the movement

Stall Number: CR2
Visit Website


nüber food

Stall Number: WB6
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 50% off 8 packs


Stall Number: CC2
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Free Organic Cotton Bag of Organic and Eco-Friendly Period Products and 10% Off all Our Products at the show.

Nuper's Naturals

Stall Number: ME7


NutraMilk (UK) Ltd

Stall Number: CB1
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Ask us about our special show offer!


Stall Number: WM8
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 1 diffuser, 2 candles for £45!

One Planet Pizza

Stall Number: CAT4
Visit Website


OptiBac Probiotics

Stall Number: WE4
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 33% off on our products here today!


Stall Number: QF4
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Get two Refillable Toothpaste and get 1 Travel size! Get Three Super-thin panty liners pack and get 1 free!

Organic Land Company

Stall Number: WN4
Visit Website


We shop the world for wholesome products with clean ingredients to support a popular green lifestyle that is good for your health and good for our environment.

Paguro Upcycle

Stall Number: CB8
Visit Website


Palestinian Animal League

Stall Number: U6
Visit Website


Support Palestines first locally-run animal rights organisation, the Palestinian Animal League (PAL).

SHOW SPECIAL - Palestinian Animal League Solidarity Pack (t-shirt, poster, and sticker) for just £15, only at VegFest London.

Pandit (UK)

Stall Number: MC3
Visit Website



Stall Number: CC4
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Show special offer - Buy any 3 sharing packs for £5.


Stall Number: CE9
Visit Website


PERK!ER is a young British company, creating delicious & super healthy PERK!ER BiTES, Quinoa bars, and Oaty Quinoa porridge pots to keep you feeling perky every day! Packed nutritious energy, high spec plant proteins, fibre and all our snacks are under 150 cals. Gluten free; NO PALM OIL

SHOW SPECIAL - CHECK OUT OUR AMAZEBALL DEALS! £10 for 18 PERK!ER Quinoa bars = 55p a bar. £18 for 18 PERK!ER BiTES = £1 a bag. £8 for 8 PERK!ER Porridge Pots = £1 a pot.

PH (Power of Health)

Stall Number: CAT10
Visit Website


Power of Health is a vegan and allergen friendly cafe based in north london. We cater for health conscious individuals, allergens, vegans or people who just what to eat clean. From occasion cakes to yummy smoothies and food for your soul. We offer juices, smoothies, milkshakes, burgers, waffles, pancakes sandwiches, breakfast, cakes, donuts, occasion cakes and much more !

Pig Out

Stall Number: CAT12
Visit Website


Plamil Foods

Stall Number: CF1
Visit Website


We choose to be ethical and sustainable.. Britain’s original vegan company Proudly independent Respect animals and the environment Use certified cocoa Avoid child slave labour Use 100% renewable energy

SHOW SPECIAL - As usual all Plamil So free products will be sold at special discounted show prices. Christmas products will also be discounted.

Plant Faced Clothing

Stall Number: WC11
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Get a FREE 20£ credit voucher for the online store when you spend over 65£ and mention this advert!!!

Plant-based health professionals UK

Stall Number: MA2
Visit Website



Stall Number: QF2
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - \'10% off, if you sign up to our Newsletter\'

Population Matters

Stall Number: WD7
Visit Website


Princess Prosecco

Stall Number: MA6
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Free personalisation & delivery with any gifted Prosecco bottle purchased at the show! Buy a case of 6 bottles of prosecco at the show get 10% off and free delivery !

Prodigy Snacks

Stall Number: CE7
Visit Website


Eat No Evil with Prodigy Chocolate. Our extraordinarily smooth and creamy chunky chocolate bars have less than half the sugar of mainstream chocolate, are Vegan and are plastic-free. An all-natural revolution, with nutrient-rich, raw and organic ingredients. This is Chocolate Reborn. #eatnoevil #tastingisbelieving #naturalrevolution

SHOW SPECIAL - Our bars RSP at £1.75. Show Special: 3 for £3.50


Stall Number: WL1
Visit Website



Stall Number: CL1
Visit Website


PVLSE is a mobile platform that connects like-minded people through exciting activities. Focused on food, sport and wellbeing, it enables you to find and create events and activities in your area that are tailored to your personal interests. With just a few clicks you can locate food markets, pop-up stalls, restaurants, yoga classes, training sessions, and so much more.

Quest Vitamins

Stall Number: CF5
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Register at the stall (CF5) for 20% discount and a free gift.

Raw & Wild

Stall Number: WD6
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Buy Four Get One Free on all our products

Raw Gorilla

Stall Number: CD4
Visit Website


Raw Sport

Stall Number: CI1
Visit Website


Real Olive Co

Stall Number: WD5
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Buy 2 deli pots get one free, plus a free tote and recipe cards!


Stall Number: CE3
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - Buy any 5 Chocolate Bars or Snack Bars for £5


Stall Number: WC12
Visit Website


Fresh Vegan Skin Care, Whole-food Nutritional Supplements, Vegan Energy Drinks. Winner of 2017 European Business Awards for Ethics, Innovation & Business Success. 100% Active Ingredients - Eco Plastic packaging (from sugarcane), 100% Freshness, 100% Sustainability,100% Ethics = 100% Real Effects. Interested in a Green Business Opportunity? Please contact: [email protected]

SHOW SPECIAL - Free 15ml \"Fresh\" Vegan Tooth Oil with every 15ml sample bottle bought Start your day differently - everyday - with our 100% Freshness Philosophy

Rosina Makes

Stall Number: U19 (SUN)


Totally unique Gluten Free cakes and bakes including our Rosina\'s incredible donuts.

Ruby's of London

Stall Number: CAT11
Visit Website


Sadhana Forest

Stall Number: U13
Visit Website



Stall Number: U11
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 3 100g soaps for £12

Sam’s Body Boutique

Stall Number: WG2
Visit Website


SHOW SPECIAL - 10% OFF on all purchases £25 & over!


Stall Number: WB7
Visit Website


Lord and Lady Scoffington will be serving up sweet treats at this years event. They will be offering their signature ‘Scoffingtons’. With over 200,000 units sold since it’s creation (around Yorkshire) Scoffingtons are now ready to to be sold to a UK marketplace. Coffee Shops, Bars, Hotels , Restaurants : Pop by and say Hi x

SHOW SPECIAL - 2 Scoffingtons for £6 : And a chance to win a box of 12 delivered to your door .

Sea Shepherd UK

Stall Number: WH1
Visit Website


Sesame Kingdom

Stall Number: WE2
Visit Website


Shelley's Vegan Seafood

Stall Number: CAT22


Silver Bamboo

Stall Number: U30
Visit Website


Simply Vegan

Stall Number: CAT 19


No compromising on taste and authenticity with our home made traditional style pies and mac & cheese Looking for vegan traditional comfort food at it\'s best, look no further than us for amazing vegan versions of our favorite foods just like mum used to make

Slaughterhouse Prayer / John King

Stall Number: U28
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SHOW SPECIAL - Two-for-three offer on the novel Slaughterhouse Prayer by John King. Buy two books and get the third one free. Options are available so you can have three different titles all with animal-rights threads.

Soulful Food Company

Stall Number: WH3
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Southern Fried Seitan

Stall Number: CAT26



Stall Number: LEVEL 3, U9


St Best Caterers

Stall Number: CAT9


Stretchy Lids

Stall Number: WM4


Styngvi Designs

Stall Number: ME5
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SHOW SPECIAL - Vegfest exclusive merch - Styngvi design baby clothes, stickers, pins and mugs! Only available at the 2019 Vegfest.


Stall Number: CD2
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SHOW SPECIAL - Deliciously creamy new carob bars: Silky Smooth Mylk & Almond Hazelnut Crunch. Buy 3 get 1 free or get £10 off a case!

Supreme Master Television

Stall Number: MA1
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SHOW SPECIAL - Tune in to Supreme Master TV for positive and constructive news 24 hours 7 days a week!

SW15 Hedgehogs

Stall Number: U29


SW3 Chelsea

Stall Number: CU3 & CU6
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Sweet Revolution

Stall Number: WG4
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Stall Number: QF5
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SHOW SPECIAL - Special offer: 20% off everything.


Stall Number: MA5


SHOW SPECIAL - Buy two desserts and get a Tastopia treat on us

Terra Organica

Stall Number: CF7
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Terra Organica is a pure and natural collection of wines sourced from Italy, Spain, France and Argentina from vineyards with the best organic credentials. We strive to create wines which truly reflect the land they come from, ensuring that respect for nature and preservation of the environment are paramount.

Terranova/ Bionature

Stall Number: CM4
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SHOW SPECIAL - 20% off

Tesfa Retail

Stall Number: CA7 AND QE6
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The Art of Compassion Project

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The Cheeky Panda

Stall Number: CG2
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The Cheeky Panda is an innovative company offering the tissue market a sustainable and health conscious alternative. Making tissues from virgin bamboo, The Cheeky Panda tissues are pure and rich in natural goodness. Our range includes bamboo toilet tissue, facial tissue, kitchen towel, pocket tissue and baby wipes!

SHOW SPECIAL - 3 products for £5 on selected products. For examples 1 facial tissue, 4 pack toilet paper & pocket tissues

The Electric Lemon

Stall Number: WC9, ME3, U4


SHOW SPECIAL - Still thirsty? Bring your empty cup back for 50p off your next drink. Cut down waste, love the taste!

The Green Grill

Stall Number: CAT6
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The Healing Pear

Stall Number: CA6
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The Hectic Vegan

Stall Number: CS5
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SHOW SPECIAL - Subscribe to the printed magazine for a year and receive two free issues

The Lost Tea Company

Stall Number: U14
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The Pure Planet Company

Stall Number: QJ2
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The Raw Chocolate Company

Stall Number: WF4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Bars 2.50 10.00 20.00 12 Packs Snack Packs (Little) 1.50 6.00 12.00 6 Bags Snack Pouches (Big) 6.00 24.00 28.00 6 Bags Super Foods 4.50 18.00 21.00

The Really Healthy Company

Stall Number: CQ3
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SHOW SPECIAL - Micromax Special Show Price £25 (RRP £39.95) Discounts on our Klamath Blue Green Algae

The Save Movement

Stall Number: CR1
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy 2 t-shirts and get a half price tote bag.

The Sensitive Foodie Kitchen

Stall Number: MC7 (SAT)
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SHOW SPECIAL - special show price of £12 or gain a 15% discount on all on-line courses and consultations booked on the day.

The Vegan Society

Stall Number: WG5
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Stall Number: U12
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Third Wave Nutrition

Stall Number: CI2A
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SHOW SPECIAL - Save up to 45% on the full Plantforce® range of premium plant-based nutrition.

Three Spirit

Stall Number: CP2
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SHOW SPECIAL - Veg Fest London special - The Three Spirit Trilogy, get all three of our amazing plant based spirits for a special price of just £60. Save £14.97 and get the whole range

THTC Clothing

Stall Number: CB10
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Stall Number: CB3
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SHOW SPECIAL - Tofu Presses are only £20

Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary

Stall Number: U15
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Tropic Skincare - (Independent Ambassadors)

Stall Number: QC1
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Stall Number: WG1, QI2 & QI4
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Stall Number: CR6
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Turmeric Blend

Stall Number: QE1
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SHOW SPECIAL - £5 off all products ... and even juicier multi-buy deals!

Upton's Naturals

Stall Number: WC2
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Urban Squirrels

Stall Number: U10
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Urban Squirrels – London-based licensed wildlife rescue unit specializing in grey squirrels: rescue, advice and advocacy. We take in injured and orphaned squirrels, as well as working to improve the public image of these animals,whose high intelligence has allowed them to adapt to live alongside us in our city.


Stall Number: WE1
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SHOW SPECIAL - Exclusively at VegFest 2019, Vega products will be available at £20 per tub (RRP from £26.99), plus, every customer receiving a FREE Vega protein shaker and tote bag.

Vegan Bodybuilding

Stall Number: CS4
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Vegan Culinary Cruises

Stall Number: QA5
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Luxury - All Inclusive - All Vegan Cruise & Tour Vacations

Vegan Food & Living and Simply Vegan magazines

Stall Number: CB7
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Come and visit two of the nation\'s best-selling vegan magazines, Vegan Food & Living and Simply Vegan on stand CB7 for an exclusive subscription offer and epic vegan goodie-bag!

SHOW SPECIAL - Subscribe to either Vegan Food & Living or Simply Vegan magazine for 40% off both subscriptions and a free goody-bag filled with delicious vegan goodies and a copy of the current issue!

Vegan My Style

Stall Number: U12 (SAT)
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SHOW SPECIAL - Purchase any of our beautiful gifts and receive 10% off your next purchase on www.veganmystyle.com. You will also receive free UK delivery as standard.

Vegan Organic Network

Stall Number: TP1
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The Future is Veganic Whether you grow vegetables or not, we all eat. How our food is grown affects us all. Come to our area to be inspired, get information and join the growing revolution.

SHOW SPECIAL - Win a Vegpod, in our free competition and you can grow vegetables anywhere all year round. To join the competition, visit Vegan Organic Network (TP1) in the Veganic Growing area on second floor.

Vegan Publishers

Stall Number: U2
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Vegan Runners UK

Stall Number: CV1
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Vegan Sadhu

Stall Number: WB5


Vegan Sweet Tooth London

Stall Number: CAT 2
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The first and only Itinerant ITALIAN Vegan Patisserie and Bakery 100% Plant-based Vegan with Gluten-free options. We take orders for custom\'s CAKES and we organize a CATERING service. Find us in different Festivals and Markets https://www.facebook.com/pg/vegansweettoothlondon/events

Vegan Travel - All-vegan Cruises & Tours

Stall Number: CP4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Hello London! Book one of our 2019 / 2020 river cruises and receive a free upgrade during the VegFest weekend. Savings of up to 30%.


Stall Number: CO2


SHOW SPECIAL - 10% discount on your first order at VeganFitnessMeals.com.


Stall Number: CS1
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy one, get one free on every Veganicity product

Vegans Against World Hunger

Stall Number: WC11
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Stall Number: WM2
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Stall Number: CN2
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy 2 get 1 free !


Stall Number: TP5
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SHOW SPECIAL - Free winter growing cover with all Vegepods purchased at the show.

Vego Good Food GmbH

Stall Number: WL4
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SHOW SPECIAL - We will be offering our chocolates at discount prices and there will be tastings available!


Stall Number: WD2
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SHOW SPECIAL - For this event only get a whopping 1/3 off our online prices, including your first subscription package! All purchases come with a Vegums branded click-clack tin and a Vegums branded organic cotton tote bag to help you sample hands-free.

Vervet Monkey Foundation

Stall Number: U25
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Vice & Virtue

Stall Number: WI4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy any four products and receive 10% off


Stall Number: CB6
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SHOW SPECIAL - Amazing new Everyone\'s Going Vegan magazine - completely FREE! A one-stop magazine for how to go vegan; includes free handy charts on vegan nutrition, recipes and plenty of helpful tips!


Stall Number: CI1A
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SHOW SPECIAL - 3 for £5 12 for £10

Vivi the Supervegan

Stall Number: WM10
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Vivo Life

Stall Number: CN3 & CN4
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Vivo Life produces 100% plant-based health and fitness products, to help you look and feel awesome without costing the earth. Vivo Life are a certified carbon neutral company and plant one tree for every order they receive on their website. Last year Vivo Life were voted by the public as the Best Vegan Superfood brand in the annual VegfestUK Awards.

Wabi Sabi Garden

Stall Number: CAT7



Stall Number: MF4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Special VegfestUK: All bags will be £10 cheaper than on our website! Buy any item from the Bags collection and select the cardholder of your choice for FREE ♡

Watson & Wolfe

Stall Number: CB2
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Wear Your Voice

Stall Number: WM5 WM6
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Workers Playtime

Stall Number: U16
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Stall Number: ME8
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SHOW SPECIAL - Get 10% off all Wuka period pants


Stall Number: CL2
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XECO Clothing

Stall Number: CA8
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SHOW SPECIAL - Buy Two T-shirts Mix & Match for £35 Buy Three T-shirts Mix & Match for £45 With our multi-buy T-shirt deal you could save up to £21!


Stall Number: QE6 & CG4
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One of the UKs first hemp companies, Yaoh will be bringing their fantastic range of skincare products to the show. Including (but not limited to) sunblock, shampoos, conditioners & shower gels, lip balms, moisturisers, salves & body butters, as well as their organic dehulled hemp seeds and hemp oil.

SHOW SPECIAL - BUY ON GET ONE FREE on all our products

Yogi Tea

Stall Number: CL4
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SHOW SPECIAL - Yogi Tea 17 tea bags - £2.20 Per Box. Yogi Tea 20 Tea bag for the senses - £2.50 Per Box. Yogi Tea Cold Teas -£1.50 Per bottle. Any Three Teas for £6.

Young Indian Vegetarians

Stall Number: MF2
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Yovedic Retreats

Stall Number: QG2
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SHOW SPECIAL - \'10% off if you book on a retreat today.\' (This offer only applies if payment is made for either the full amount or deposit on the day.)