BIOCANNA: Growing in an honest and sustainable way

14th September 2019

In this guest blog, BIOCANNA, who is kindly sponsoring this year’s VegfestUK London, talks about the reasons behind sustainable food growing and how their plant-based nutrients enhance the quality of our produce.

Organic food is rising in popularity but many supermarkets treat it as a luxury item to be sold at a premium price. Having the opportunity to grow your own produce without pesticides and consume it straight from the greenhouse or garden is in every way greater to food that is full of additives, packed to prevent deterioration, transported and then sold as ‘fresh’. There’s also the understanding that we’re contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

As well as this, there is a great self-fulfilment when growing your own fruit and vegetables. Watching a seed blossom under your care to become part of a meal on your and your family’s plates is gratifying. You can enhance and enjoy your cooking much more, using your home grown produce.

It is important to ensure that your plants are healthy and given the correct nutrients needed to grow. To help grow your own produce, BIOCANNA have developed plant based nutrients to enhance the health, taste and speed of growth of your produce. The nutrients are in tune with the plant and provide it with the necessary minerals and bioactive substances to grow. By stimulating the micro flora around the roots, the product helps enable the plant absorb the necessary nutrients it needs and also protects the plant’s root environment. This results in the plant being less likely to be effected by pathogenic moulds or bacteria.

Whatever your reason for growing your own produce, chances are good that you’ll take pleasure in this healthy hobby, and that your wallet, the environment, your body, and your taste buds will thank you!

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VegfestUK London – October 26-27 @ Olympia London

BIOCANNA will be sponsoring the Veganic Growing featured area, which looks at food growing and permaculture in a vegan organic way. Visit their stalls TP6 and TP7 on Level 2 of Olympia Central (next to the Veganic Growing area on the Level 2 floor plan). Full list of speakers and topics is on this page here.

VegfestUK London also includes 320 stalls packed with the latest vegan products, a Vegan Food Village with 25 caterers, a New Vegan Support area for beginners to veganism, a Foodies Stage with live music, the Art of Compassion Exhibition, two Fitness areas, a Holistic Health Hub, Cookery Demos, talks on Plant Based Health, a Natural Therapy Zone, Lifestyle presentations, a Yoga Zone, a Mature Zone, plus talks on Animal Rights and Activism, Vegan Activists Support, VGN and Movement Building.

Advance tickets for this event are now available at with BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offers running until the end of August and BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE offers running until the end of September.

Each entry ticket includes free access to all talks, cookery demos, panels and live music sessions at the show.

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Plant Powered Expo – February 1st 2nd 2020 @ Olympia London

The organisers of VegfestUK are running a new show Plant Powered Expo next February in the National Hall of Olympia London. This new event celebrates the best of a plant-based way of life with 235 stalls, 12 features and 100 speakers. For more information, visit

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